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18 Movie Details You Definitely Missed

The movie makers love to put out a few hidden details for viewers to notice. They usually have a deeper connection with the story than we think. It is fascinating to know about the amount of thought that goes behind every minute detail. But how many times do we notice these little changes? We have brought the party to you. Here’s a compilation of 18 movie details you must have missed. Enjoy!

1. Elizabeth’s Cameo in Forrest Gump

Forrest Grump movie details
Tom Hanks’s daughter

Did you know? In the movie Forrest Gump (1994), Tom Hanks’s daughter made a cameo. You probably missed it; let us remind you. The girl that doesn’t let Forrest to sit next to her on a bus is her. 

2. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer movie details
Notice the book in MJ’s hand

We all loved Zendaya’s cool character, MJ, along with Tom Holland, in the movie. We are pretty sure you missed this one tiny detail. In the scene, she is shown reading a book named Of Human Bondage. The story in the book is about an orphan boy living with his Uncle and Aunt. Sounds familiar?

3. The camera in The Matrix

The Matrix movie details
Clever cover up

This one’s actually very clever and awesome. The scene shows Neo and Morpheus in Oracle’s room. The close shot is taken from the doorknob’s reflection, and it was really hard to hide the camera. Hence they put on a black robe on the camera and part of Morpheus’s tie to camouflage the camera.

4. Nick’s reference from the gravestone

movie details
Quote from Pulp Fiction

In Captain Americawe saw Nick Fury’s gravestone. That was, of course, a distraction, but there was a hidden detail planted in the scene. On Nick’s gravestone, there’s a line written under his name “the path of the righteous man…” The line is a reference to Jules from Pulp Fiction, played by Samuel L. Jackson.

5. Ratatouille’s rats

In Ratatouille(2007) Git, the jacked rat, has a tag on his ear reading A113. Not only is this a frequently used Pixar easter egg, it also implies that Git was a lab
He is a lab rat

These rats are incredible creatures from the movie. They are the heroes of the story and are made to look so weirdly adorable. Among them all is a fat rat, Git, which is bigger than all. He has a small detail, most likely to be missed, on his ear- which is a tag “A113”. This indicated that he’s indeed a lab rat.

6. Hidden detail in Soul

Pixar's 'Soul': 16 Details You Might Have Missed
Riley’s dad worked for Brang in Inside Out

There is an Easter egg in the movie Soul, which is- there is a poster advertising for “Brang” on the train. This is the same company where, in Inside Out, Riley’s dad works at. 

7. White Witch from Narnia 

movie details
The decrease in crown’s size

The White Witch, played by Tilda Swinton, is a remarkable character. The filmmakers carefully designed her crown. If you pay attention to the crown’s size in all parts, you’ll know what we mean. As her power decreases, the size of her crown also reduces significantly. They have nailed the symbolism.

8. The book’s reference in James Bond: Die Another Day

The Real James Bond and 007 - The Real James Bond

In the movie, we see James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) holding a book (field Guide) titled Birds of West Indies. The book is written by the real-life James Bond, who had inspired Ian Fleming. 

9. Cars in John Wick 2

The way the cars are parked is sameThe writers paid close attention to the screenplay in both parts of the film. A scene of the hotel is proof of that. The cars are parked in the same way they were parked in the first film. The filming of the second part was done after three years, but the results were satisfactory.

10. Green Suit reference in Deadpool

Please Dont Make My Super Suit Green GIF - Deadpool RyanReynolds NoGreenSuit - Discover & Share GIFs
Reference to Green Lantern

We all have loved Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool, haven’t we? The movie shows a scene where Deadpool is getting his surgery done and mocks his own character by saying, “don’t make my suit green,” referring to his green suit in Green Lantern.

11. Stephen King’s cameo in It Chapter 2

movie details It 2
Stephen King’s cameo

The author of the novel, Stephen King, made a cameo appearance in It -2. Did you not recognize the guy who is the antique shop owner and sells his bike to Bill? Yup, he’s the one.

12. Appearance of the novel in Watchmen 

movie details in watchmen
It is a nod to the novel

There is a scene in the movie where Hollis Mason has the same novel on which the movie is based. If you look closely, you’ll see the (half) name of the book written in yellow. You must have definitely missed this movie detail.

13. Time calculation in Fargo

Fargo (1996) movie details
William Macy in Fargo (1996)

The crime thriller, Fargo (1996), stars William H. Macy and is a brilliant film. But there’s one clever detail, thoughtfully placed. The blackmailer asks William to deliver the money in the next 30 mins. While this happens, there are only 30 mins left for the movie to end. Clever, right?

14. Author reference in Matilda 

 Matilda (1996) movie details
“Darles Chickens”

In the movie adaptation Matilda, there is a cute reference to Charles Dickens. The little Mara Wilson says Darles Chickens and is a reference to The Big Friendly Giant, where the character refers to the author the same way.

15. Translator in Guardians of The Galaxy

In the scene where Peter Quill is arrested, a list of his personal details appears on screen. One of those details is an enhancement called a "translator implant." So that's why all
This explains all the conversations

The makers gave valid explanation and a brilliant hidden detail. There is an appearance on the screen where there is a list of Peter Quill’s enhancements. And if you look closely on the left side, there is an enhancement that tells about the Translator Implant (in the neck). This explains why the Guardians can speak with the Avengers in English.

16. Hidden three-finger salute in The Hunger Games: The Mockingjay 

movie details
The typical salute

The movie starts a rebellion against the evil reality show, promoting brutal killing and survival game among fellow villagers. However, the villagers show their opposition by showing a three-finger salute. In the scene where Katniss and Peeta are dancing, only three of Peeta’s fingernails are painted in black, revealing the hidden salute.

17. Cornfield in Interstellar

Interstellar Cornfield
500 acres of corn

It may seem normal these days to use CGI to show fields and jungles on the screen. But the director of Interstellar, Christopher Nolan, decided against it. He planted all that corn instead of using CGI. Did you notice the difference?

18 Frank The Pug in Men In Black 3

Frank the pug found framed in Men in Black 3 | Frank the pug, Pug love, Pugs
Frank the pug

There is a portrait of Frank the pug in MIB 3. We all saw the cute little Pug in the earlier movies; hence, this one’s a callback to his presence in previous movies.

What do you think of these incredibly awesome hidden details? Did you notice any more, other than these? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by FandomWire Staff