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18 Non-Horror Movies That Were Way More Scarier Than The Horror Movies

Horror Movies are a type of genre that can sometimes actually scare the sh*t out of us. Movies like The Conjuring, Sinister, Insidious, Paranormal Activity and many more have been prove to be some of the most horror movies of all time. After watching a horror movie it leaves a deep impact on viewer and these movies tend to come as nightmares. Over the years fans having been watching horror movies for the sake of Thrill and horror. But today we won’t be talking about things like the most Horror movies of the time or something like The Best Horror movies to watch. Instead today we are talking about some non-horror movies that have taken the patent of horror movies being a nightmare for its viewers and are way more terrifying than the Horror movies themselves. Sounds spooky lets pop into it!!

1 Return to Oz:

Released in the year 1985 Return to Oz is a movie of children’s, but when the movie takes a spooky turn it’s scary as hell! It’s a terrifying non- horror movie that ranks first on the list.

2. Bad Times at the El Royale:

This movie made to the big screen in the year 2018, being one the most twisted movies in the film industry, this movie was more terrifying than any other Horror movie. Chris Hemsworth starrer Bad Times at the El Royale was the movie that had statutory rape, cults, people spying in each other’s Hotel rooms and murder, some more murder, even more and MORE murder and that was just the half of the movie.

3. Jumanji:

Not the new ones that have Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, in them but the 1995  Robin Williams one. Though this movie was made for kids entertainment purpose, but eventually the CGI used for creating animals in Jumanji was way to real for kids. And thus the viewer had nightmares of animals trampling over them.

4. A Beautiful Mind:

Released in 2001 this was in total a good movie but when a scene comes where the main lead was trapped in a mental institution , and has to cut open his wrist in order to take out a tracking device that he believes is located under his skin.

5. Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland:

This movie hits the theater in the year 1989 and is depicted as a kids movie but with some terrifying scenes all together.

6. Mulholland Drive:

Mulholland Drive was released in the year 2001 one and despite being a non-horror movie, it had the power to scare the sh*t out of the viewer no further comment necessary after seeing the film.


7. Knowing:

Nicolas Cage’s 2009 movie knowing is movie whose plot is that a random-girl gives a boy some numbers in a seemingly-random order and the boy’s father has to find out what they mean in order to save his son’s life. It was too scary for even a 11 year old boy.

8. Annihilation:

Released in the year 2018 Annihilation is was a Sci-fi/Adventure movie about a women named Lena played by Natalie Portman goes inside Area X to find her husband. Cut to a scene where she is caught by a mutated creature making it a Horror Movie in all.

9. 2001: A Space Odyssey:

A Sci-fi/Adventure movie released in the year 1968 is a movie about a group of astronauts are sent to space on a mysterious mission, and the movie takes a dark turn in the second half making it an extremely terrifying movie. Yet it was a ‘G’ Rated Movie.

10. The Black Cauldron:

Released back in 1985 is a straight up horror movie made by Disney for kids. This was a movie which one won’t want their kids to watch alone as it could give them one of the scariest of nightmares of all time.

11. Melancholia:

Melancholia is a movie that can mess up with your head completely. Not sure in what genre should it be in, but it’s definitely a horror movie as the plot of the movie includes the idea of assured demolition and nothing else. And this movie has the capacity to hit it’s viewer hard with depression.

12. Interstellar:

Thought this was one of the massive hits of the year 2014, but eventually this movie made a deep impact on some of it’s viewers as this movie touched on some really deep fears of humans and despite being a non- Horror movie it scared the living daylights out of some fans.

13. Men in Black:

A 1997 sci-fi/comedy Men in Black had some petrified scenes that made a fans a bit disturbed. Specially the one in which the alien cockroach wear’s the human skin.

14. Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom:

This Indiana Jones movie was released in the year 1984 which was based on the people of the Northern Jungles, where they had seriously messed-up tribal ceremony people eating and serving Monkey brains, pregnant snakes all around and dangerous giant bugs, stoke up fans with creepy nightmares for years.

15.The Paperboy:

Released back in 2012 this movie had the power to ruin John Cusack for the viewers for quite long with it’s scenes and specially the plastic scene in the motel one where Zac Efron screaming at Mathew McConaughey.

16. Prisoners:

Prisoners was released in the year 2013 is a Thriller/Crime movie about a man named Keller Dover played by Hugh Jackman. Keller goes in search of his Daughter and her friend who went missing endangering his own life in finding them.

17. We Need to Talk About Kevin:

A thriller drama movie released back in 2011, is a movie about Eva Khatchadourian a travel writer/publisher who wants to give birth to a child but isn’t able to. Later she does but it turned to be a horrifying decision for Eva because she isn’t able to bond with her son Kevin who goes on from being a fussy, demanding toddler to a sociopathic teen. This made fans especially some mothers worried of having children.

18. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial:

A Family/Sci-fi movie released back in 1982 is a movie about an alien who is left behind on earth and is saved by a young boy Elliot. Though its family entertaining movie still the alien scares the sh*t out of some of it fans.


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