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19 Celebrities Turned Into Disney Characters

Have you ever imagined your favorite celebrity in a Disney fairytale film or celebrities turned into Disney characters? Some celebrities are just made for the prince/princess role. It would be great if they make a movie. Here are 19 celebrities turned into Disney characters.

1. Princess Diana – She just looks perfect in it. She looks stunning and got her eyes. I want a movie on her now.

Disney Princess

2. Rihanna – Riri looks absolutely cute, just like a Barbie.

Disney Princess

3. Will Smith – He must be the next Disney Prince. It still manages to capture the purity and goodness of his smile.

Disney Prince

4. Michael Jackson – Imagine a Disney character got the pop moves. It’s literally giving me goosebumps. It would probably be Disney’s next blockbuster.

Disney Pop King

5. Snoop Dogg – He’s looking like a badass pirate, like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Disney Pirate

6. Madonna – Is she Rapunzel from Tangled?

7. Mariah Carey – So pretty and sweet. She would be one of the cutest princesses ever.

8. Selena Gomez – So charming. She must use this in her next music video and make a song about it.

9. Angelina Jolie – Is she already in a Disney film? However, she looks even more gorgeous in real life compared to this.

10. Beyoncé – She is just rocking the Disney princess look. Want a song from her about this.

11. Elvis Presley – He literally went from blonde to black. Makes a perfect ken doll.

Disney Prince

12. Marylin Monroe – Elegant! But where the hell is the birthmark?

13. Dwayne Johnson – Interesting! Want a Fast and Furious film from Disney. Lol.

14. Jennifer Lopez – She looks more like Rose Byrne than JLo.

15. Diana Ross – Pretty. “That I love you, sugar you’re that special thing”.

16. Christiano Ronaldo – Give him a crown, and he’s a prince. They should make a soccer film with this. It will be dope!

17. Justin Bieber – OH, perfect!

18. Katy Perry – It reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence and Sabrina Carpenter. Probably a hybrid of both. Lmao.

19. Scarlett Johansson – Cool! We need a Disney spy. How about a Princess Scarlett?