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19 Movie Sequels That Are As Good As The Original

Almost every successful movie nowadays seems to get a sequel. It’s not easy to create the perfect sequel, sometimes filmmakers lean so heavily on the concept of the first film that it feels like a lazy reuse of the same old ideas, or end up changing the whole concept that the sequel loses its connection to what made the first movie so popular. This is why creating a sequel is not an easy task and only few sequels could live up to the hype that the original movie created. Reddit user u/MerseySideAlt9 asked the AskReddit community: “What sequel held up to the original film?”. Thousands of people listed their favorite sequels and here we have compiled the best 19 movie sequels that are as good as the original movie.

1) Spider-Man 2

The plot of this movie is compellingly human. Things are not going as per Peter Parker. He’s losing his job. He’s struggling to pay rent. He’s having problems with Mary Jane. He’s failing his classes. Aunt May is losing her home. His hero has a devastating fall from grace after a freak accident and becomes his enemy. And he’s losing his powers.

Posted by u/The_Tomb_is_Empty

2) Addams Family Values

The topics in the movie were so progressive, without being preachy.

Posted by u/QueenShnoogleberry

3) Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Posted by u/PlaneswalkerUmbral

The Terminator is a very good film, T2 is a great one. It’s moving, thrilling, and ambitious. Terminator 2: Judgment Day is further proof that James Cameron is kind of unbeatable, and never fails to deliver. The film surely has one of the greatest plot twists ever, which works more or less because of what the prequel did. Terminator 2, while as action-packed to the core as The Terminator, also adds more visual flair and wider appeal to it.

4) The Empire Strikes Back


Posted by u/Holy_Knight_Zell

The Empire Strikes Back picks up off the trail of A New Hope and completely redefines the meaning of a sequel. It’s probably the only film in Star Wars, alongside A New Hope, that almost every fan can agree is a great film.

5) The Dark Knight

Posted by u/phantom_avenger

Many fans can agree that the Trilogy of Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan is the best portrayal of Batman. The standout performance by Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight really makes this film stand out amongst all others. The movie is a thrilling, gruesome, emotional roller coaster that will leave you speechless at the end.

6) Aliens

Posted by u/Three_Day_Rider

This movie is faster, louder, and more action-orientated than its predecessor but still retains some of the scares. The action and fight scenes are awesome, the Xenomorphs are as menacing as any modern-day movie monster, and there’s no let-up of action and suspense.

7) The Godfather Part II

Posted by u/chronicwisdom

A great continuation of the world that was introduced in the original Godfather. Great way to show how Don Vito and Michael forged their own paths with different motivations. The ending was especially chilling as both protagonists were worlds apart when they achieved the same goal… solidifying their power.

8) How To Train Your Dragon 2

Posted by u/Ace_Aviator99

Perfectly transitioning from the first film, How to Train your Dragon 2 expands upon the characters we’ve come to love while also bringing in some great new ones. This movie seems to have a darker tone compared to the original and the animation is on point.

9) The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Posted by u/kjaght89

The middle of a trilogy has the potential to be slow and boring. TTT avoided that easily. “Gollum’s Song” by Emilíana Torrini is a haunting beautiful and suspenseful song that plays at the movie credits. Peter Jackson’s “The Two Towers” is one wonderful interpretation of the epic story. A spectacular adventure action experience.

10) Tron: Legacy

Posted by u/Siberkil

The addition of this movie in the Tron series was excellent. The music works perfectly with the movie scenes. This film is visually stunning with a magnificent score and supported by a talented cast. A terrific father and son movie with never a dull moment.

11) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Posted by u/Might-be-crazy

Russo Brothers’ Captain America: The Winter Soldier brought the conflicted Cap into contemporary times and cleverly worked in a plot wrinkle inspired by classic 1970s political thrillers. It ties into both the MCU and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. through the reintroduction of Bucky Barnes and Hydra’s infiltration respectively.

12) 22 Jump Street

Posted by u/Bubblekinss

The brotherhood of cops that entertained us in the first film is back, with them going to college. 22 Jump Street does what the original one did and surpasses it in some areas. Not to mention that it continues to poke fun at itself while taking it to extremes in certain areas.

13) Thor: Ragnarok

Posted by u/JesseCuster40

Thor: Ragnarok is a fabulous stand-alone film that separates itself from the rest of the MCU, but not so far that it feels completely unconnected. This film is different than its previous two parts. Thor: Ragnarok is made in a funny way which is quite enjoyable to watch. The visuals, the colors, and the music are a pretty little touch which gives a nice boost to the movie experience.

14) Doctor Sleep

Posted by u/Moo_Moo Man

All by itself, this movie is an absolutely incredible movie. A completely engrossing story with very memorable characters and situations.

15) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Posted by u/SelfDiagnosedUnicorn

This intense action-packed sequel to the first movie constantly keeps you at the edge of your seat. This movie also does a good job of portraying the tension between the districts and the capitol as well as the elevated 75th hunger games. The movie almost perfectly follows the book while still making it cinematic enough to be entertaining.

16) Paddington 2

Posted by u/LazyCassiusCat

Paddington 2 is a sequel to the highly entertaining first Paddington movie. These are based on the beloved books by English author Michael Bond. Although Paddington ends up in a prison in Paddington 2, the sequel is less scary than the first Paddington movie with Nicole Kidman as the menacing taxidermist in the first film.

17) Back to the Future Part II

Posted by u/dmmcclair2020

Great sequel to Back to the Future with a visually entertaining look at the then-future year of 2015, as well as a dystopian alternate reality of 1985 where Marty’s arch-nemesis Biff has become corrupt.

18) Toy Story 2

Posted by u/kavono

One of those rare sequels that manage to outshine its already sensationally entertaining predecessor on its own in every conceivable way. Boasting stronger animation, more complex characterization, and a deeper, more involving story, this sequel bests the original Toy Story on all fronts. This movie also manages to develop the newer characters introduced and giving them interesting backstories.

19) Shrek 2

Posted by u/LilyPotter123

This movie is a good example of a perfect sequel. It expands on the universe, introduces new and compelling themes, and it sure left an impact on the entire Shrek franchise. Shrek’s character arc is where he learns that he is good enough and that he deserves to be loved. This is also his arc in the first film, yet completed in the second film. The soundtrack also goes very well with this movie.


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Source: BuzzFeed, Reddit