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19 Superhero Products On Zazzle For Hardcore Marvel And DC Nerds

It’s shopping time comic nerds! Check out a compilation of some of the coolest superhero products available on Zazzle

1) A Black Widow “Moscow Spy” graphic tote bag which is perfect for your espionages and groceries at the same time

A black, white, and red all over image of Black Widow on a tote bag

Price: $22.30

2) A Wonder Woman “Amazonians Unite” vintage poster postcard inspired by 1940s “DC Bombshells” series of figurines and comics.

Postcard of Wonder Woman breaking chains that says "Amazonians Unite!"

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Price: $1.20

3) A Marvel Comic characters pattern iPhone case that will protect your phone just the way these superheroes protect the world 

A white phone case with 45 different heads of Marvel Comics characters

Price: $33.50


4) A 1966 Batman television series “Bat Symbol” apron for chefs who wanna take their Dark Knight fandom to the kitchen

Bright yellow apron with 1966 Batman symbol

Price: $21.10+ (available in three sizes and three colors)

5) A Black Panther T-shirt featuring classic cover art from Jack “The King” Kirby, co-creator of T’Challa. 

Model wearing a read T-shirt with a classic Black Panther comic book cover

Price: $25.70+ (available in sizes S—3X and 18 colors)

6) A DC Super Powers jigsaw puzzle celebrating the 1980s action figure line with artwork by José Luis García-López.

A yellow Super Powers puzzle featuring all the classic DC super heroes

Price: $21.20+ (available in seven sizes and levels of difficulty)

7) A super cool ’90s X-Men cartoon Wolverine “Sliced” hoodie which is super soft and super comfortable at the same time

Model wearing a white hooded sweatshirt with blue and yellow animated Wolverine slived through and the "Snikt" sound effect

Price: $42.45+ (available in sizes S–3X)

8) A Wonder Woman 84 “Retrowave” notebook with wonder-fully thick papers 

A notebook with Gal Gadot Wonder Woman in 1980s style


Price: $13.70

9) A Marvel Comics Group Spider-Man logo mug that would make a great gift for any boss, unless your boss is J. Jonah Jameson

White mug with black handle and interior with Spider-Man face logo

Price: $18.95+ (available in two sizes and ten colors)

10) Batman/Batgirl/Robin iPad smart cover to simultaneously protect your tablet as this trio watches over the streets of Gotham.

An orange iPad cover featuring artwrok of Batman, Batgirl, and Robin

Price: $47.45

11) Celebrate the casting of Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk in the upcoming series on Disney+ with a ’90s “Sensational” She-Hulk T-shirt

Model wearing a teal blue T-shirt with a green and purple She-Hulk logo

Price: $33.50 (available in sizes S–2X and 29 color styles)

12) Make your laptop run a bit faster with this cool Flash sticker 

Sticker of the Flash in classic red and yellow costume on a laptop

Price: $5.25+ (available in five sizes and two medias)


13) A Kawaii Guardians of the Galaxy shower curtain featuring Rocket, Starlord, Gamora, Drax, and Groot. 

A bright yellow and orange shower curtain with cut versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy

Price: $67

14) A Krypto the Superdog magnet, because Superman’s best friend might be the best K9 companion in the DC Universe

A round white magnet with Krypto wearing a red cape

Price: $3.70 (available in two shapes and three sizes)

15) A Japanese Spider-Man “Cherry Blossom pattern” sherpa blanket featuring the words “Run, Immortal Hero, Spider-Man!” 

Blanket featuring pattern of Japanese Spider-Man and roses Close up logo of Japanese Spider-Man with hands crossed

Price: $46.45

16) Get smoother clicks with the classic Wonder Woman mouse pad featuring her rarely-worn cape

A light orange mousepad with classic Wonder Woman art

Price: $12.25

17) A Black Widow “Marvel Fanfare” 3/4-sleeve raglan T-shirt that leaves just the right amount of room for those “Widow Bite” wrist gauntlets that Natasha Romanoff likes to wear.

Model wearing a white raglan T-shirt with black sleeves and a Black Widow cover to Marvel Fanfare

Price: $27.90+ (available in sizes XS–2X and seven colors)

18) A pair of Harley Quinn leggings from The New Batman Adventures. With Halloween just around the corner, it is the perfect buy.

Split image of model wearing leggings with one red and one black leg with diamond logos

Price: $63.30 (available in sizes SX–XL)

19) A metal Iron Man lunch box that’s most definitely not made from iron and equipped with Jarvis but will keep your snacks safe, store your favorite collectibles or maybe sit on your shelf for display.

A metal lunchbox with a black plastic handle featuring a classic Iron Man comic cover

Price: $36.83 (available in six colors)

Source: BuzzFeed

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