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19 Things Hollywood Makes Men Do In Movies That Sets Unrealistic Male Standards

19 Things Hollywood Makes Men Do In Movies That Sets Unrealistic Male Standards

While things are changing and mindsets are evolving at a rapid pace, Hollywood still perpetuate unrealistic male standards. Men in all genres, either action or drama, face unrealistic and unhealthy pressure to fit into the certain mold Hollywood has made for them. And that’s not only bad for men, the impossible standards they set in a movie intensified the definition of whats and hows. And on top of that, the things Hollywood makes men do in movies that are completely unwanted or makes no sense, truly establishes unrealistic male standards. Here are some of those things Hollywood makes men do in movies that set unrealistic male standards.

Hollywood makes them portray that they know every single rule of dating women, which is utter bullish BTW.

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Walking around almost naked around the house. We said almost naked because they prefer to wear nothing but a towel just to show off.

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Men explaining how women believe, behave and feel.

Hollywood makes men

Always ask the other one to punch them in the face in a dramatic way. Hollywood needs to implicate more techniques because these are literally falling apart.

Hollywood makes men

Spending a little time on foreplay and more on sex. Hollywood certainly hasn’t realized the importance of simple foreplay before sex.

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Sometimes Hollywood makes men do things that makes zero sense to the audiences. And cursing like it’s their full-time job is one of those things.

Hollywood makes men

Hiding their true self behind a strong, sexist exterior.

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Chopping woods with their male best friend to overcome their anger issues.

Hollywood makes men

Creating a big messy room if they’re bachelors.

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Never coming clean about their family issues to their significant other.

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Manipulating women to think the same way as them. This feature is ridiculous and unnecessary.

Hollywood makes men

Feel intimidated to see their girlfriends achieve more success in their careers.

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Performing huge romantic (silly) gestures to make up for the stupid mistakes they have done earlier.

Hollywood makes men

Being overprotective to their daughters for absolutely nothing.

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Lying to their girlfriends to hide their true feelings.

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Men of Hollywood go nuts when the person they love doesn’t love them back.

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Kissing their partners to avoid important conversations. These kinds of interruptions happen very often.

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Hollywood always makes them confess their little evil deeds only to the bartenders.

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And cutting themselves every time they shave.

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These are the things we find Hollywood makes men do in movies that set unrealistic male standards. Comment down below to let us know the things that we have missed to include on our list.

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