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‘$2 Billion never looked easier’: Avatar: The Way of Water Hits $1B in Just 2 Weeks, Convinces Fans it Will Topple Avengers: Endgame

Avatar The Way of Water Hits $1B in Just 2 Weeks

When the film first descended in theatres, people were excited that the director of the Terminator franchise was helming the unbelievably CGI-dense project. Although the audiences were convinced that the film would be exceptional, they didn’t expect Avatar to become the highest-grossing film of all time. If James Cameron was considered one of the best creators in the industry before the movie, then he became one of the GOATs after it.

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A still from Avatar

And now, after a long wait of more than a decade, the director has brought the sequel to the critically acclaimed visual masterpiece to the big screen. And as if history is repeating itself, Avatar: The Way Of Water has become the talk of cine-goers all around the world for its environmental design, character development, and exceptional visual treat that it is. So naturally, the box office collection has once again overflowed with numbers signifying the milestone it has achieved.

Avatar: The Way Of Water Surpasses Commerical Success Expectations!

The VFX of Avatar 2 have broken the barrier once again.
A still from Avatar: The Way of Water

To be honest, everyone was convinced that the sequel to 2009’s Avatar would revolutionize the use of CGI in modern-day cinema, and James Cameron delivered on that expectation with flying colors. Avatar: The Way Of Water brought radical changes to not only the use of CGI but also the art of storytelling and world-building. So naturally, the assumption was that the film would also surpass sales expectations, but no one could’ve guessed that the goal would be this easy!

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Within its opening weekend, the box office collection of the movie had already reached the $400 Million mark, and in just about 2 weeks of the initial release date, the collection is set to surpass the highly sought-after $1 Billion milestone. The pace at which the numbers are growing every day is astounding as well as unprecedented, and fans along with James Cameron, are rejoicing.

Fans have taken to Twitter to celebrate this commendable accolade, congratulating and spreading happiness through memes and tweets as the film continuously runs and outperforms all other major blockbusters of the year!

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What’s Next For The Avatar Franchise?

Avatar The Way of Water
Avatar: The Way of Water

As things now stand, it has become absolutely clear that all these years of the franchise staying relevant through one film alone did nothing in terms of making the whole franchise any less desirable. And so, with the release of Avatar: The Way Of Water, Cameron also revealed the production of another three films that will be next in line for the audiences to indulge themselves in. It was earlier said that if the movie underperformed, the series will end at the third installment, but with a performance like this, it doesn’t seem like this will be the case.

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Avatar: The Way of Water, now in cinemas

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