2 Dark Fan Theories About Demon Slayer’s Nezuko and the Unsolved Mystery of Her Bamboo Muzzle

Theories regarding Nezuko's bamboo muzzle and her constant silence

2 Dark Fan Theories About Demon Slayer's Nezuko and the Unsolved Mystery of Her Bamboo Muzzle


  • Demon Slayer is one of the biggest and most well-reviewed animes in the world and has a huge fanbase.
  • Popular Demon Slayer theories regarding Nezuko.
  • Fans wonder why Nezuko always has a bamboo muzzle in her mouth, as well as her inability to speak.
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Demon Slayer is one of the world’s fastest-growing anime series and franchises; even though the manga was pretty popular among fans, the animation took the series to another level. The series is simple to understand yet very well written simultaneously.


Nezuku is one of the cutest and most badass characters in the series; she was initially a human but turned into a demon, and she spends most of the anime in her demon form. However, some theories predict why Nezuko always has a bamboo muzzle in her mouth and why there is constant silence from her.

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Theories regarding Nezuko’s bamboo muzzle in Demon Slayer

Nezuko is an integral part of the Demon Slayer franchise, and in the later parts of the series, she plays a significant role in defeating Muzan.

She is also charming and adorable; fans love her very much; however, her character has certain mysteries.

Fans always wonder why she keeps a bamboo muzzle in her mouth; from episode 2 of the series, Nezuko is always seen with it.


There are only a few instances where she removes it, most of them when fighting opponents. Many fans have theories regarding it.

Hashira - Demon Slayer
Hashira – Demon Slayer

Among the fandom, many believe that it helps her sustain her bloodlust; as we know, Nezuko is a demon and needs human flesh; however, due to her not giving in to the predominatory behavior, she needs to keep herself in control.

As she always travels with Tanjiro and wants to protect his brother, the bamboo muzzle plays a crucial role in keeping her thirst for blood in check.


Another theory is that it is used to blend Nezuko in with human society so that she doesn’t stand out. However, both are correct since the bamboo muzzle is crucial for Nezuko and the others.

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Why is Nezuko always silent in Demon Slayer?

One of the fandom’s major questions is regarding Nezuko’s silence in the series. As we have seen, Nezuko does not talk.


Although even as a demon, she has a very jolly personality and shows emotion through her eyes and actions, she does not speak like a human.

Many people believe that she has lost the ability to talk after becoming a demon; however, she can speak again if she decides to consume human flesh.

Demon Slayer Volume 1
Demon Slayer Volume 1

Despite this, Nezuko refuses to give in to her desire to kill and, therefore, cannot speak. Another popular theory is that Nezuko does not speak to calm her mind and soul from demonic thoughts.


Animes usually take inspiration from Japanese culture and ideologies. The series also has elements from the Japanese religion of Shinto, which involves using silence for spiritual growth and inner peace.

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