2 Family Size Pizzas, 12 Buffalo Style Chicken Wings: Chris Hemsworth Reveals His American Sized Monster Meal in LA, Calls it His ‘Super Light Healthy Meal’

Chris Hemsworth Reveals His American Sized Monster Meal in LA

Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder star Chris Hemsworth recently flew to Los Angeles for his upcoming movie Extraction 2, directed by the Russo Brothers. He has been often seen promoting the brand of Centre Fit and has been an avid influencer of a healthy diet and fitness. So to say that what the fans saws was truly not what they had expected from the actor.

Hemsworth is known for his fitness focus and going to the gym with continuous exercise which might as well be the motivation one requires to do the same. With the start of the filming for his movie, he has been further more into the idea and excites his fan to watch the sequel with it’s release.

Chris Hemsworth in spiderhead
Chris Hemsworth in Spiderhead

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Hemsworth’s Meal Of A King

Chris Hemsworth, after the landing of his flight in LA seemed to be famished and hence chose to dine in for the night in a Sports Bar. There he ordered himself an ‘American Style Monster Meal’ of two family sized pizzas, twelve buffalo – styled chicken wings and a pint of beer.

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The man who is so famous for his diet seemed to have opted for a cheat day and fulfilled himself with a hearty meal. Accompanied by possibly his brother Liam Hemsworth and his partner; the Men In Black: International actor joked about having a light meal.

Dad Bod Thor returns...
Dad Bod Thor returns…

“I just landed in LA and thought I’d start with a super light healthy meal.” He captioned when posting on Instagram.

The Fitness Icon’s Comeback

Both him and his wife Elsa Pataky have been dedicated to health and promoting Centre Fit with his personal trainer Luke Zocchi. Even after joking about the meal, one which the Fast and the Furious actress would likely not have approved of; Hemsworth was later seen extensively working out with his personal trainer. They both were posting and training with heavy equipment while the actor joked about the matter of subject being too easy.


He mocked the exercises to be far more light and easy for him as he lifted the weights like they were made of feathers instead. Apart from this however, Chris Hemsworth has not been seen away from a strict look out for his health and his fitness along with it. Him and his wife both follow a scheduled and strict regime of working out and going to the gym.

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction.

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This Was Not Chris Hemsworth’s First Cheat Day

Earlier this year Hemsworth was again seen eating out of his usual order. Once more with his trainer, Zocchi and Hemsworth went to Chargrills Charlie’s and got themselves an epic sized meal which included the signature chicken roll, a whole barbeque chicken, medium fries and one large Rocket Man’s salad.

Director Taika Waititi (left) as Korg along with Chris Hemsworth (right).
Director Taika Waititi (left) as Korg along with Chris Hemsworth (right).

Although with all of his curious meals, he manages to not let his fans get influenced by his fluctuating diet and instead follows his cheat days with hardcore exercising to make up for all the loss.

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