2 Word Response From Game Project Manager After Xbox Shuts Down Tango Gameworks is Absolutely Heartbreaking For Fans

Heartbreaking 2 word response from Game Project Manager after Tango Gameworks shutting down news.

Xbox Tango Gameworks


  • Japanese-based Tango Gameworks is going to shutdown soon.
  • After the news of Shutting down Tango Gameworks's Project manager was left heartbroken.
  • Hi-Fi Rush won't be getting its much anticipated sequel.
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The recent heartbreaking news about Tango Gameworks studio shutting down has put fans and players in a very sad mood. Even the game’s project manager had not much to say but only 2 words “Not enough?” with the picture of awards the studio has won in his latest tweet. Microsoft has been shutting down many studios in recent weeks as a measure to cut down the cost.


The Japanese studio Tango Gameworks was devastated to learn the news about their shutdown and can no longer make the much-anticipated sequel of Hi-Fi Rush. 

Tango Gameworks Studio’s surprising shutdown

The main title of Tango Gameworks
Hi-Fi Rush won’t get its anticipated sequel

The news of Tango Gameworks closing down is very surprising as the studio delivered a critically acclaimed game in 2023 called Hi-Fi Rush. Players with open arms received Hi-Fi Rush, and even the critics were happy with the game’s innovation and diversity. The game was nominated for many awards across both 2023 and 2024. Hi-Fi Rush won many awards which cemented its place in the wide range of games in the Xbox library.


The game Hi-Fi Rush won the following awards in 2023: 

  1. Sound Award in CEDEC Awards
  2. Best Audio Design Award in The Game Awards 2023 
  3. Tin Pan Alley Award for Best Music in a Game in New York Game Awards
  4. Best Audio Award in 24th Game Developers Choice Awards
  5. Best Animation Award in the 20th British Academy Games Awards

After the shutting down news, the game’s Project Manager was left heartbroken and responded with only 2 Words “Not Enough?” and a picture of all the awards the game won.  


After the heartfelt tweet from the game’s Project Manager, many people were in support of the studio and how Microsoft is in the wrong here.

Some of the people were attacking Microsoft for shutting down the studio which made their best-reviewed Xbox game of 2023.



The games under the studio will continue to receive updates and their server will be online but the further development of games under the studio will be completely shut down.


Real reason behind the shutdown

Epic Game Store's Hi-Fi Rush
Tango Gameworks Studio is shutting down

Microsoft after acquiring the Bethesda Studio has shut down many studios. The main reason behind the shutdown is mostly cost management but that has left many well-known studios like Tango Gameworks with a very heartbreaking loss.

Tango Gameworks Studio was doing great work but the sudden shutdown seems like a wrong decision to many fans. The reason behind not selling but shutting down the studio is mostly to retain control of the studio’s main IPs like Hi-Fi Rush.

Other studios like Arkane Austin who were behind Redfall are also closing down and no further improvement to the game will made. The most surprising shutdown was Tango Gameworks because they created the best-reviewed Xbox game of 2023 called Hi-Fi Rush. Also, they were the only Japan-based studio under the Xbox umbrella.

Showcase of one of the stage in Hi-fi Rush
One of the best-reviewed games in 2023 Xbox

The studio was in the process of making the sequel for Hi-Fi Rush and was about to get in talks with Microsoft but the news about the shutdown came first and cancelled all the plans. The fans of the game were waiting for part 2 but with the shutdown, all the hopes have gone down as well.


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