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20 Adult Jokes In The Shrek Movies That You Didn’t Understand As A Kid

Shrek which was released in 2001, will be completing its 20th anniversary in a couple of days. The Ogre of DreamWorks studios has entertained both kids and adults for the past many years. It’s not just an engaging story but tons of positive messages and endless jokes that the Shrek movies bring with them. Shrek and its sequels were a modern take on wholesome fairytales. However, the movies contained numerous adult-oriented jokes that were meant to fly over kids’ heads. This aspect is arguably what makes the series stand out from other animated films.

Here’s a list of some of the adult puns in the Shrek movies that you were probably too young to understand back when you saw them as a kid.

1. In the first Shrek movie, when Shrek saw the large size of Lord Farquaad’s castle, he asked Donkey if Farquaad was compensating for “something smaller”. His laugh takes a dig at a certain anatomical part of Lord Farquaad

2. Farquaad spotted playing with his little Farquaad. Lord Farquaad is in bed and requests the Magic Mirror to show him Fiona again. The look of disgust on the Mirror’s face and Farquaad’s quick peek under the covers imply he was aroused by the image.

3. In Shrek the Third, when moved the hidden door her dad’s statue ended up kissing the horse’s butt. 

4. Lord Farquaad = Lord F*ckwad. This hidden f-bomb hasn’t been confirmed by DreamWorks but many suggest it to be true. The writers of Shrek playfully hid a swear inside a character’s name so well that it wasn’t uncovered for years. If you say “Lord Farquaad” as quickly as you can, it easily breaks down to “Lord F*ckwad.”

5. In Shrek the Third, when the students at the academy were depicted as “stoners” who had a bunch of smoke coming out of their “hippie” van.

6. In Shrek 2, we discover Pinocchio’s quirky kink of wearing women’s lingerie when Gingy showed the whole gang that he wore a thong. Also, when Pinocchio and the gang try to free Shrek, Puss, and Donkey from imprisonment, he has to tell a lie in order for his nose to grow and help them escape. When Pinocchio says he wears ladies’ underwear, his nose doesn’t grow.

7. At the beginning of Shrek 2, the Big Bad Wolf was reading the swimsuit issue of Pork Illustrated, which had a pig in a bikini on the cover. 

8. In Shrek 2, references to Cops and the OJ Simpson Chase were made. The knights had shaky camera movements in the style of the police show and followed a literal white bronco (referencing the infamous OJ Simpson police chase). 

9. After the chase, when Puss is stopped by the knights, one of the officers pulls out a pack of catnip from his belt, so Puss says that the catnip wasn’t from him, implying that he was taking the catnip like marijuana.

10. In Shrek, a song titled ‘Welcome to Duloc’ plays in which the Duloc Dolls sing “Please keep off the grass, shine your shoes, wipe your… face!” During the phrase, the front row of dolls rotate to show their butt cracks, implying that they were going to sing the word “ass” (which rhymes with “grass”) instead of “face”.

11. When Shrek along with Donkey and Puss in Boots enter into the potions room of the Fairy Godmother’s Cottage, one of the bottles of potions has a label that reads “Viagra”. Viagra is a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction.

12.  In Shrek, Robin Hood tries to woo Fiona with a song in which he sings “I like a little spice on a saucy little maid”, followed by the Merrymen singing “What he’s basically is he likes to get-“. Hood then chimes in and says “Paid!”, despite the clear intention meaning to say “laid”.

13. In the alternate world, when Shrek tries to convince Fiona in her tent after meeting the fat Puss in Boots that the only way to save The Kingdom of Far Far Away is kissing him, Fiona asks him how he found them, so he says that his donkey fell in her waffle hole. This could be seen as a pervy euphemism referencing anal sex.

14. When the magic mirror is introducing the possible princesses that Lord Farquaad can marry, he makes a sexually explicit joke about Snow White. The Mirror casually mentions that “Although she lives with seven other men, she’s not easy.”

15. When Shrek awakes to see that Fiona is cooking eggs for him and Donkey, Donkey speaks while sleeping. His dialogue hints that he was having a sexual dream. In the Latin Spanish version of the film, during his dreams, he asks his partner to slick his ear and mount on his seat.

16. When Puss and Donkey switch bodies in Shrek the Third, Donkey (in Puss’s body) makes this remark of a “trip”. While it’s quick enough to get past most kids, the adults who heard it understand the reference.

17. When Shrek decides that Fiona can now see him as a human, his pants fell out because they were very big for him now, so Donkey decides that it’s time to search for new clothes for Shrek, causing the three girls present to put exclamation faces in the sight of seeing Shrek naked.

18. When rescuing Fiona, Shrek says “I have to save my ass,” referring to Donkey. However, the phrase is also a vulgar way of saying “I have to save myself”, ostensibly the meaning Fiona took away.

19. In Shrek, when Donkey and his future wife Dragon are supposedly flirting, Dragon wraps herself around Donkey and feels around him. Donkey expresses his need to take things slower in the clip below. Also, do you ever wonder how the ‘Dronkeys’ came into being?

20. In Shrek 2, when Fairy Godmother serenaded everyone with “Holding Out for a Hero,” which contained some serious sexual undertones if you listened closely to the lyrics.


The Shrek movies are created for family audiences and have been entertaining adults just as much as children. Tell us in the comment section which adult joke did you understand back when you first watched the Shrek movies.

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Written by Muneer

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