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20 Adult Jokes That Were Hidden In Kids Movies

Most of the humor that is written in kids’ movies is pretty much on the notes. However, the movies and shows might be made for kids but the minds used in their making are of adults. Back then our teenage minds were too naive to decipher what the makers intended to tell. There’s actually a long history of kids’ movies sprinkling in some 18+ humor that we never understood as children. After all, wordplay is the best way of launching an adult joke over a kid’s head.

Nothing tops off the feeling of rewatching your old classic favorite cartoon shows or movies and realizing how many cleverly hidden adult jokes are buried in them. Here are 20 of the best dirty jokes that were buried in the squeaky clean worlds of classic children’s movies and TV shows.

1. Aladdin

In Disney’s Aladdin, the protagonist in one of the scenes was chased by a bunch of ladies from a brothel. The ladies seemed to be pretty familiar with Aladdin who had some money due with them.

2. Matilda

In Matilda, when Matilda is trying to get her mother’s attention who is engrossed in a phone call, you can hear her mom tell someone on the phone, “You should shave yours, it’ll change your life”


3. Ratatouille 

Ratatouille - Movie Moments You Probably Didn't Understand As A Kid - Livingly

In one of the scenes from Ratatouille, Linguini tries to confess about how Remy is in his hat cooking for him, and says, ‘I…have…a little…tiny…’ and right after he says ‘tiny,’ Collette looks down at Linguini’s pants. 

4. SpongeBob SquarePants

In one of the episodes, Gary catches SpongeBob watching sea anemone after which he quickly changes the channel. His awkward laugh tells a lot.

5. Tarzan 

When Jane is drawing Tarzan and comments on his appearance and intense eyes, her dad senses her mood changing. He then suggests what appears to be the first masturbation joke in Disney movie history. 

6. The Rugrats Movie

The writers of the Rugrats movie easily pulled of the most disturbing circumcision joke ever into a kid’s movie

7. Robots

Baby Maker

In Robots, Cappy and her husband gather parts for their robot child, Cappy exclaims, “Making the baby’s the fun part!”

8. Frozen

Foot talk, 'Frozen' - Hidden Adult Jokes in Disney Movies That Will Ruin Your Childhood - Zimbio

When Kristoff learns that Anna is engaged to someone she just met, he pulls off a subtle but effective size joke into his interrogation of how well the princess really knew her betrothed.

9. Shrek 2

Blu3RSX • “Catnip”

In one of the scenes where Shrek and his aides get arrested by the knights, they seize a packet of catnip from Puss’s pocket. Catnip is often called the weed for cats. Puss instantly says what a stoner would say when they’re in trouble, “That’s not mine.”

10. Planet 51

In one of the scenes where the astronaut is naked, one of the aliens says, ‘That’s a funny place for his antenna.’

11. Shrek

7 Adult Jokes In "Shrek" That You Totally Missed As A Kid

While talking about Snow White, the Magical Mirror mentions that although she lives with seven other men, she’s not easy. 

12. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

In one of the scenes from the film, the Whos are seen having a key party. A key party is where all men put their car keys into a bowl or bag and at the end of the party, women blindly select a set of keys to determine who they’re gonna go home with for sexual gratification.

13. Scooby-Doo

The Scooby Doo Movies seriously had the best...

In Scooby-Doo, Shaggy who is often regarded as a stoner who keeps gobbling on munchies tells that Mary Jane is his favorite name. Mary Jane is the closest name to Marijuana!

14. Dexter

In one of the episodes where Dexter’s mother is making muffins, his father kept going on about Dexter’s mother’s muffin and saying he only married her for her muffin. The entire episode was stuffed with innuendos. 

15. Coco

In the movie Coco, you can hear everyone laughing when they say that Hector died ‘choking on chorizo.’ The phrase ‘Choking on chorizo’ is actually a Mexican slang for sucking dick. 

16. Cars

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When McQueen meets two of his most enthusiastic fans Mia and Tia, the ladies flash their pop-ups at McQueen who later has a very excited expression on his face.

17. Hey Arnold!

In one of the scenes from the animated series, Helga who is a 9-year-old fourth-grader talks about how Arnold makes her girlhood tremble

18. Spider-Man: Homecoming

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Ned asks Peter tons of questions after discovering that he’s Spider-Man. He asks how far Peter can shoot his web and adds, “If I were you, I’d stand on top of a building and just shoot it as far as I could.” A girl seated behind them in class turns around with a disgusted look on her face.”

19. Toy Story

In Toy Story, one of the toys that Sid owned was a hook that had feminine legs. Kick your brain horses to understand this

20. Toy Story 2

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Near the end of the movie, when Jessie calls Buzz cute, his wings instantly get erect


Is there any other adult joke that you’ve found in a kids movie? Share with us in the comment section below!

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