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20 Awful TV/Movie Parents That We Love To Hate

20 Awful TVMovie Parents That We Love To Hate

Seems like movies and TV shows are incomplete these days if one of their prominent characters doesn’t have mommy or daddy issues. We’re talking about awful parents and their poor parenting. I can’t be the only one who gets easily bored by watching those perfect families. It’s an unmatched thrill to watch these terrible parents who abuse, neglect, and sometimes even attempt to murder their own children in movies and TV shows.

Now, to put it to you there are many types of terrible parents. We have the overbearing kind, overprotective kind, the lying/manipulative kind, or even the psychic kind. You honestly don’t need to understand them much. Here are our top picks of the worst TV and movie moms and dads that we all love to hate.

Mrs. Benson in iCarly

1 1

Mrs. Benson honestly had no regard for Freddie’s boundaries when ensuring his safety and physical wellbeing

All of the parents in Rugrats

2 2

Rugrats might be an amazing show but it had some of the worst parents who were neglectful as hell

Finn’s dad in Adventure Time

3 2

Finn’s dad was a selfish, lazy, and manipulative man who only cared about his son if he was of any help to him

Both parents, but especially Jack, in Danny Phantom

4 1

Jack Fenton definitely had clever inventions but his execution was always so dumb.

Dora’s parents in Dora the Explorer

5 1

Dora’s parents literally don’t care about her. They let her run everywhere without adult supervision ever since she was 5.

Luca’s mom in Luca

6 1

Controlling every single decision in Luca’s life was his mom’s driving force.

Sam’s parents in Sixteen Candles

7 2

Sam’s parents didn’t even acknowledge their daughter’s birthday let alone wish her in person.

Judy’s parents in Zootopia

8 1

Judy’s parents constantly tried to talk her out of her dream of becoming a police officer and join them on their carrot farm.

Alyssa’s father in It Takes Two

9 1

This man had no regard for what her daughter would feel if he’d get engaged to a woman she dislikes.

Mia’s mother from The Princess Diaries

10 1

Mia’s mother never told her shit about their family’s history which makes her a terrible mother.

Charlie’s grandparents (but especially Grandpa Joe) in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

11 1

It is astonishing how no one in their family could manage to get a single job all through the years.

Anna and Elsa’s parents in Frozen

12 1

Anna and Elsa’s parents in Frozen keep Elsa locked up and Anna stuck in a castle with no visitors.

Both parents in The Parent Trap

13 1

The entire settlement made in the movie was beyond messed up.

The parents (but especially Wayne) in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

14 1

The title of the film is pretty explanatory of Wayne’s negligence.

Megan’s parents in But I’m a Cheerleader

15 1

Nothing can be more pestering than having parents who are homophobic to this level.

The mom in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead

16 1

She left her five kids alone with someone she’d never even met for three months to go galavanting around Australia and never bothered to look back.

Tori’s parents (but especially her mom) on Victorious

17 1

Tori’s parents made it pretty obvious that they like Tori way more than Trina

Ash’s mom (and all the other parents) in Pokémon

18 1

Were parents in Pokemon alright? They let their 10-year-olds wander over giant creatures into jungles.

Sōsuke’s mom in Ponyo

19 1

Something was definitely wrong with Sōsuke’s mom. She crashes into other people while driving like a wild woman with one hand.


Which movie/TV parents according to you are the most terrible ones? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Written by Muneer

Muneer is an Indian writer at FandomWire who plans to visit all countries in this world to eat the food on their streets. Obsessed with joggers, he sings and plays the strings too.