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20 Behind-The-Scenes That Will Change The Way You Watch Marvel Movies

“You know, I keep telling everybody they should move on and grow. Some do. But not us.” – Steve Rogers.

The MCU is a shared universe, and an American media franchise, that centers upon a chain of superhero movies, that are separately made by the Marvel Studios.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is based on the characters in the American comic books published by the Marvel Comics.
So far and so forth, the MCU has been a successful franchise when it comes to Marvel movies.

Its movies have not only broken all the records at the box office.

They have also been loved by several fans worldwide, making it a successful movie franchise.

As we know that the third phase of the Marvel cinematic universe has ended with a bang, especially if we talk about Avengers: Endgame.

Endgame was one of Marvel’s most triumphant movies that earned up-to 35.6 crores USD at the box-office.

So with so much fame and success, the Marvel also has several actors that play the role of different characters from the comics.

Several actors mean that there must be several movies in which these actors are cast in.

This also means that there are some incredible behind the scenes that might amaze fans if they have a chance to gaze at them.

We at FandomWire have compiled a list of some of the most mind-blowing behind-the-scenes that will change the way fans watch the marvel movies.

#20 Tony Stark and Thanos are actually kinda friends:

#19 Vision doesn’t have perfect vision:

#18 Getting Nebula’s face off is a whooole process:

#17 Gamora getting her face put on requires sustenance:

#16 This is what it looked like to film Korg’s scenes in Thor: Ragnarok:

#15 This is what it looked like filming Hulk’s scenes in Ragnarok:

#14 Bruce had to wear a freaky mask to get the CGI done:

#13 Tony and the two Peters sure looked different posing on Titan than they did in Infinity War:

#12 This is what Rocket looked like on the set of Guardians:

#11 Yup, here’s Drax mourning Rocket:

#10 Even Doctor Strange likes to screw around sometimes:

#9 Regular Gamora and Smol Gamora met up, Soul Stone be damned:

#8 Hela appreciates modern technology:

#7 Ego likes naps almost as much as Gamora and Star-Lord like texting:

#6 Awkward, Korg and Thor don’t actually get along:

#5 Gamora’s secretly a member of the props department:

#4 Yondu has a sweeter, softer side:

#3 Hope van Dyne secretly pretty tight with the villainous Ghost — they even try on wigs together:

#2 Like the proper spy she is, Nakia really knows how to blend in when she has to:

#1 M’Baku’s always a good time, even when he’s stuck in a makeup chair:

Source: Keely Flaherty

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