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20 DC Gender-Bend Superhero Fan Art.

The year was 1934 when a citizen of United States Mr.Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholso decided to form a company based on superheroes, which later came to be known as DC Comics.

The DC comics have been home to several heroes with superpowers, like Superman, Batman, Wonder-Woman, the whole of the justice league, and many more.

And since the dawn of age, the Dc comics have been there with its superheroes protecting their Earth.

As per the writers of the comic books, there are many Earths in the DC universe.

An Earth where all the DC’s Silver Age heroes live, one Earth where The Crime Syndicate of America lives.

Similarly, there is an Earth where all the superheroes are gender Bend, and today we have collected some fantastic fan art of those gender-bend superheroes. Sounds interesting, so let us hop into it!

1. Nightwing By FlawlessAya On DeviantArt:

2. Bat-Girl And Robin By Mhunt On DeviantArt:

3. Superwoman By Tierra-11:

4. Aquawomen By Anthony Carpenter:

5. Gender Bend Green Arrow By Photobucket:

6. Female Joker By Marie:

7. Gender-Bend Teen Titans By Simone:

8. Female Green Lantern By Chris Enterline:

9. Female Flash By A-Nyu-Sama On DeviantArt:

10. Girl Kid- Flash By Groovy Galleons:

11.  Genderbend Constantine B Tsu-Gambler On DeviantArt:


Source: Helena (DC genderbend)

Written by FandomWire Staff

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