20 Disney Characters That Fit Perfectly As Superhero

Ever imagined what our Disney characters would look like if they ever had a chance to be in any of the superhero movie. Especially The Incredibles characters they fit perfectly well with some DC as well as Marvel characters while there are other’s like Shank from the movie Wreck It Ralph who looks like Princess Diana. While baby Jack on the other hand looks just like baby Groot. Don’t believe us have a look by yourself as we have compiled 20 Disney characters that fit entirely in the roles of superheroes.

The Incredibles as Marvel Superheroes

#1 Bob as Steve Rogers:

#2 Helen as Carol:

#3 Dash as Peter Parker:

#4 Violet as Gamora:

#5 Lucius as King T’Challa:

#6 Baby Jack Jack as Baby Groot:

#7 Edna as Mantis:

#8 Raccoon as Rocket:

The Incredibles As DC Superheroes

9 Bob as Superman:

10) Helen as Mera:

11) Dash as Wally:

12) Shank from Wreck It Ralph as Diana:

Some Honourable Mentions

13. Bob as Red:

14. Helen as Natasha:

15. Dash as Pietro:

16. Violet as Wanda:

17. Lucius as Nick Fury:

18. The Incredible’s As Speedsters:

19. The Incredible’s As DC Trinity:

20. Bob as Batman:

Source: Animated Times

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