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20 ‘Dune’ Facts That Makes The Movie 100x Cooler

20 Dune Facts That Makes The Movie 100x Cooler

Dune has arrived to our nearest theaters and it’s hard to keep ourselves composed. A lot has gone around in the production of this film. Take a look at these super cool Dune facts that make it worth the wait.

1. The film is based on Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel by the same name. The film came out in 1965 and Denis Villeneuve’s film is only a part of it. 

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2. The film’s title was a result of Herbert’s stroll on the sand dunes of a beach near Florence, Oregon.

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3. Director Denis Villeneuve wanted to make Dune with strong female characters. When screenwriter Eric Roth questioned him about the most important thing that he wished to highlight in this adaptation, he answered, “Women”.

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4. Dr. Kynes’ character was modified in the movie. According to the novel, Dr. Kynes is a white male. However, in the movie, Dr. Kynes is a black woman.


5. The film took a whopping $165 million dollars to produce and a span of three and a half years to make.

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6. It was Denis Villeneuve’s long-due dream to make DuneHe was 14 when he first read the novel and aspired to make a film out of it.

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7. Denis Villeneuve is known for delivering hits like Arrival and Blade Runner 2049. He claims that it was after the success of Blade Runner that he became confident enough to take up this project.  

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8. Denis Villeneuve talked about his teenage dream of making a Dune film with Hans Zimmer back when they were filming Blade Runner 2049. Zimmer immediately gave his nod to be a part of the project as he too was a big fan of the book.

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9. Zimmer is in fact such a huge fan of the novel that he declined Nolan’s request to work on Tenet and chose to score Dune.

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10. Zimmer has also put efforts for a second soundtrack for the movie. He wrote original music for The Art and Soul of Dune which is a book about the movie’s making. 

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11. Dune‘s cinematographer, Greig Fraser received an Emmy Award for his work in The Mandolarian and is currently working on the Caped Crusader’s title film. 

11 1

12. Timothée Chamalet didn’t have to audition for the role of Paul Atreides. He was Denis Villeneuve’s personal choice. 

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13. Timothée Chalamet went to Cannes specifically to meet Denis Villeneuve’s when he was first intuited that Dune was finally happening.

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14. Josh Brolin who has previously worked with Villeneuve on Sicario said that didn’t bother reading the script. “I think I pretended to read it.”

13 10

15. Patrice Vermette who was Dune‘s production designer,  only took help of Google Earth to locate ideal shooting places for filming the scenes set on the desert planet Arrakis. They shortlisted desserts in Iran, Chad, Mauritania, and Libya. 

15 6

16. The famous Wadi Rum valley in Jordan was then selected as their ideal shooting spot. Lawrence of Arabia and The Martian were shot on the same dessert).


17. However, a new problem came to light when the makers realised that Wadi Rum lacked sand dunes. The crew then collected samples of sand from Jordan in water bottles so they could match its color to another location. This situation brought them to the barren desert of Rub’ Al Khali in Abu Dhabi.

17 1

18. In 1979, a Dune board game was released


19. Loated outside Budapest, the set of Dune was built at Origo Studios which is massive. It was so huge that Rebecca Ferguson would often get lost.

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20. Dune’s official world premiere at the Venice Film Festival received it a staggering seven-minute standing ovation.

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Written by Muneer

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