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20 Foreign Language Shows That You Shouldn’t Afford To Miss

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Netflix and Hulu but can’t find the perfect binge-worthy show? You keep digging to find something you haven’t already watched but just can’t pick any?
Streaming platforms like Netflix/Hulu/Prime are stuffed with interesting hidden gems, many of which are foreign films or shows. TV shows of foreign languages tend to go unnoticed with English-speaking audiences because most viewers are unwilling to breach the barrier of subtitles.

There’s a world outside America that is full of geniuses who produce some of the finest TV shows that we don’t even get to hear about. With foreign-language shows getting more and more easily accessible, it is time you start your spree of discovering the hidden gems of TV. Here are some of the most underrated non-English language shows that you can stream on various online platforms:

1. La Casa de las Flores (Netflix)

Language: Spanish (Mexico)

Genre: Comedy-drama

What it’s about: After her husband’s mistress commits suicide at his birthday party, Paulina de la Mora tries to maintain her family’s image of perfection despite all of their secrets getting spilled.

2. Dark (Netflix)

Language: German

Genre: Science-fiction thriller

What it’s about: The secrets of a fictional German town begin unveiling after children begin disappearing. The families come across what turns out to be a time travel conspiracy that had been running for several years.

4. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (Netflix)

Language: Korean

Genre: Romantic K-drama

What it’s about: Story of a young chap called Moon Gang-tae and a girl named Ko Moon-young, who despite their differences, form a loving relationship and help each other steer clear of their past trauma and mental health issues.

5. Cable Girls (Netflix)

Language: Spanish (Spain)

Genre: Period drama

What it’s about: It’s a story of four women who get hired as operators for a phone company. Truth unfolds when we learn the root cause of why they joined the company

6. Queen Sono (Netflix)

Languages: English, Swahili, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Yoruba, and Xitsonga (among others)

Genre: Action, Crime drama

What it’s about: Story of a secret South African spy who takes over criminal operations while balancing the crises in her personal life

7. Trapped (Amazon Prime)

Languages: Icelandic, Danish

Genre: Murder mystery

What it’s about: Cops of a secluded Icelandic town race against time to solve a murder case as a storm traps everyone in the area.

8. Aggretsuko (Netflix)

Language: Japanese

Genre: Anime musical comedy

What it’s about: Story of Retsuko’s life as an accountant at a Japanese trading firm where she deals with sexist superiors and obnoxious co-workers. However, to vent it all out, she goes to a karaoke bar where she sings death metal

9. Babylon Berlin (Netflix)

Language: German

Genre: Neo-noir, thriller, period drama

What it’s about: Watch police inspector Gereon Rath and his aid Charlotte Ritter solve crimes in Germany and take down an extortion ring.

10. Ekaterina: The Rise of Catherine the Great (Amazon Prime)

Language: Russian

Genre: Fictional historical drama

What it’s about: Story of the famous Sophie Friederike Auguste, who later became the woman known as Catherine the Great.

11. Pakt (HBO Max)

Language: Polish

Genre: Thriller, crime drama

What it’s about: Story of a newspaper journalist who’s pulled into a puddle of lies and betrayal when he exposes evidence of fraud in a multinational company involving his own brother. The events that follow ruin his life and entraps him into a mystery.

12. Versailles (Netflix)

George Blagden (Louis XIV)

Language: French

Genre: Historical Fiction

What it’s about: The plot revolves around the construction of the Palace of Versailles, where we see King Louis XIV trying to keep control over the nobles who surround him.

13. 3% (Netflix)

Language: Portuguese (Brazil)

Genre: Dystopian thriller

What it’s about: Lower-class 20-year-olds are given the opportunity to strive for a place into the higher society. Only 3% of the competitors get successful.

14. Gran Hotel (Netflix)

Language: Spanish (Spain)

Genre: Drama

What it’s about: Story of a Spanish boy called Julio who takes a job at a fancy hotel to secretly investigate the recent disappearance of his sister. The story takes a turn when he falls far the daughter of the hotel’s owner who is engaged to the hotel’s manager

15. My Hero Academia (Hulu)

Language: Japanese

Genre: Superhero manga

What it’s about: Young chap Izuku Midoriya is the only powerless being around his people. His burning desire to become a hero gets fulfilled when he gets trained under All Might

16. Kingdom (Netflix)

Language: Korean

Genre: Political period drama, horror

What it’s about: Crown Prince Lee Chang battles two of the biggest threats of his life. Daner to his family and danger to his people

17. Nicky Jam: El Ganador (Netflix)

Language: Spanish (Puerto Rico)

Genre: Biographical drama

What it’s about: Reggaeton star Nicky Jam narates his personal struggle against drugs and street life that almost cost him his career.

18. Terrace House (Netflix)

Language: Japanese

Genre: Reality television

What it’s about: Kind of a Japanese version of Big Brother, the show documents the lives of six strangers who are made to live together.

19. Club de Cuervos (Netflix)

Language: Spanish (Mexico)

Genre: Comedy-drama

What it’s about: After the death of club Cuervos FC’s owner, his rightful sons fight over the worthy inheritance and ownership.

20. My Brilliant Friend (HBO Max)

Languages: Italian, Neapolitan

Genre: Coming-of-age drama

What it’s about: The journey of two little Italian girls who shared a contentious relationship but were always there for each other.

The Hook Up Plan (Netflix)

Language: French

Genre: Romantic comedy

What it’s about: Story of Elsa who is struggling to move on from her ex after a traumatic break-up. Hung up on her ex’s new girlfriend (who happens to be his fiancee), Elsa’s best friend Charlotte plans to hire a male escort to snap her friend out of the rut she’s going through


Is there a foreign language show that you suggest we watch? Which one is it? Share with us in the comment section below!


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