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20 Greatest, Most Jaw Dropping Movie Plot Twists Of All Time, Ranked

Everyone loves a good plot twist. But sometimes they are too good for their own taste. These earth shattering plot twists are the most memorable of the lot.


arrival review

Louise deciphers the secret language of the aliens. What we thought were flashbacks were indeed flashforwards. Louise discovers the language is time, giving her the ability to see the future. Her daughter we thought was dead is yet to be born.


atonement james mcavoy

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It was all a story cooked up by Briony she wrote into her story. In real life, both Robbie & Cecilia died in the war. Briony told this version of her story to escape the immense guilt she had been harboring for years.


This 1974 movie comes with a number of twists and turns. The greatest of them all is revealed when Evelyn reveals to Gittes that Katherine is not just her sister but also her daughter. Evelyn’s father raped her when she was 15.



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The wealthy family had been unknowingly harboring a seemingly insane man, who used to spy on them while they were not looking. When the Parks family becomes victim of a bloody massacre, the father takes refuge inside the secret shelter.

Goodnight Mommy


One of the twins never made it out of the crash. The other twin is merely imagining his dead brother is alive, exacting revenge on the mother, whom the twin holds at fault for the mishap.


se7en 0

What is in the box you ask? It’s a devastating truth that will forever change the way you see suspense thrillers. Doe reveals he is Envy. Mills, overcome with anger, kills Doe, becoming Wrath. And thus the perfect string of murders based on the Seven deadly Sins takes place.

The Skin I Live In

the skin i live in 2011

The Vera we see is not Robert’s wife. Vera was once a man who was abducted by Robert and subjected to vaginoplasty. Vera now lives as a woman.

Old Boy



The Girl is his daughter. The kidnappers had orchestrated the events that led to the two meeting and developing a romantic relationship.

The Usual Suspects


Just who is this mystery man Keyser Soze? It turns out, he was right in front of us all along. Kevin Spacey was just buying time, playing his part. And when the cops let him go, that stride in his walk was the mother of all twists.

Fight Club

fight club

The narrator and Tyler are one and the same. Edward Norton‘s character suffers from a split personality disorder.


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The greatest criminal of them all was right in front of David Dunn‘s eyes. Elijah was the one who orchestrated the train accident, killing hundreds of people. He was a terrorist responsible for various other attacks on civilians in his search for superhumans.



The cassette recorder reveals the captor was just another victim of the Jigsaw Killer trying to look for the antidote for a poison. The real Jigsaw Killer was the ‘dead’ man in the middle of the room. He rises and shuts the doors behind him.


The Visit

The mother becomes increasingly disturbed after seeing her parents while skyping the children. They were never her parents. they were mentally unstable patients that had murdered the couple and now live in their house as residents.

Planet of The Apes

planet apes ending

As the human survivor tries to escape the clutches of the primates, he realizes he has nowhere to go. This is not another planet. This is the future. Humanity is long gone as we look as the tattered Statue of Liberty protruding from the sands.

Get Out


It’s all a trap. Even Rose is in on the conspiracy. She has lured several black men into a trap where the white elderly people would switch minds with them using a process called the Coagula.

The Wicker Man

the wicker man 5

The girl that was supposedly missing was just a ruse. The town is actually a cult who created this elaborate hoax to lure an out of towner into the premises. He is later sacrificed to their Sun God.


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The killer is not the one who raped his wife. Guy Pearce is the actual Sammy Jankis. He just doesn’t remember it and he no longer wants to.

Shutter Island

Shutter Island Revisited

Teddy is no detective. He is one of the most troubled patients of the mental asylum. Suffering from grand delusions, Teddy accepts his fate that he will never be cured. In the final concluding moments, teddy reveals he knows he is aware he is insane but has lost the will to live.


psycho shower scene mother 620

It was never his mother, Norman had killed his mother years before. The trauma had forced him to develop a split personality. It was Norman all along.

The Sixth Sense

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The movie begins with an out of place scene of a lone man trying to forcibly enter the home of Bruce Willis. Later we realize that Bruce Willis’ character did not survive that encounter. We were looking at his ghost all this time.

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