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20 Hilarious Marvel’s What…If Memes

20 Hilarious Marvels What.....If Memes To See before Episode 2

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been doing extremely well this year. Starting out with Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wanda Vision, and very recently Loki, Marvel fans are now hooked onto What If….?, an anthology animated series based on the comic series that explores alternative scenarios and storylines about Marvel characters.

The first episode, “What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?,” focused on Peggy Carter during the Second World War, where a key criterion in the creation of Captain America was changed. While you’re waiting for the next episode, check out these hilarious memes that are sure to get a laugh out of you.

1. The entire episode summed up in one picture, which we were fortunate enough to find on Instagram:

A still from the episode

2. Peggy Carter’s Pictorial Representation but make it Kim K

From Twitter

3.  For those of us stuck in the Friendzone

A still from What If....?

4.  The roles are reversed but we’re here for it


5. The Collective Fandom Representation of Peggy Carter as Captain America

6. For all the Chadwick Boseman Fans out there, we have one for you as well

7. A summarization of the show and we’re here for this one!

8. If you’re telling me you don’t have a crush on Peggy Carter, you’re lying!

Stills From What If....?

9. Captain Carter asking a fair question but its a no for me.

Stills from What If.....? with alternate captions

10. A Peggy and Steve Rogers moment that we can totally see come true

From Twitter

11. Bucky Barnes, Ladies, and Gentlemen!!

Bucky Barnes

14. Another Fandom x Peggy Carter Meme, and yet another accurate post attacking the entire fandom

We Love Peggy

15. The Real Carter Ladies and Gentlemen!

Another What If...? meme sourcd from Instagram

16. Raise your hands if you have theories as to what went down here!

A still from Captain America

17. Fangirling over Peggy Carter yet again.

Fangirl Moment over Peggy Carter

18. Hulk makes a valid point!

What If....? x Rhor Raganarok

19. The series is answering questions from the MCU!

A Still form the Winter Soldier and What If....?

20.  A question we need an answer for:

Stills from What If..?

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