20 Jokes That Were Stealthily Hidden In Famous Movies and TV Shows

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Nothing tops off the joy of rewatching your old favorite movies or shows and realizing how many cleverly hidden adult jokes are buried in them. Take a look at 20 jokes that were stealthily hidden in famous movies and TV shows.


1. In the movie Minions, there’s a flashing gag. If you notice the scene where minions disguise themselves as a lady and spot a Frenchman staring at them, they don’t really show him their eyes.

2. When Genie notices the earth shaking during Aladdin and Jasmine’s wedding, he responds by saying “I thought the Earth wasn’t supposed to move until the honeymoon.”

3. In Powerpuff Girl’s episode “Cat Man Do,” a villainous kitty hypnotizes the citizens of Townsville with a mind-control device that leads to the mayor licking a pussycat.

4. In Young Justice, when Artemis is unarmed in one of the scenes, she says: “I feel naked, and not in a fun way.”

5. In Sailor Moon, Jupiter has an argument over who gets the leading role in a play where she claims that she’s the most talented one while also pushing her… “talents” forward.

6. Zootopia sneaks in an NSFW joke when they assert that Bunnies are great at “multiplying”

jokes that were stealthily hidden

7. In Beauty and the Beast, the identical blonde triplets are so desperate to draw Gaston’s attention away from Belle and toward themselves that they can be spotted blatantly pressing their breasts against the water pump.

8. In Toy Story, Woody calls Buzz’s laser a blinking little bulb to which Mr. Potato Head explains that Woody just has laser envy.

9. (Out of the many 18+ jokes in Shrek) When introducing Snow White as the second unmarried princess in the Bachelorette sequence, The Magic Mirror comments that despite living with seven other men, she isn’t easy.

10. In Ice Age – Dawn Of Dinosaurs, Sid confuses a male ram to be a female and tries to milk him.

11. In an episode of The Fairly Odd Parents,” Jimmy walks past his parents and says, “I’m gonna take these paper towels up to my room alone. So don’t bother me”

12. In Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, the presidents on Mount Rushmore get pied on their faces during the food storm, except Abraham Lincoln who gets hit in the back, like the way he was assassinated.

13. While Miles Morales visits uncle Aaron in his apartment, you can spot the TV behind him is on. What’s funny is the TV showing an episode of Community, which has Donald Glover in Spider-Man pajamas.

14. In his office, Michael Scott has a framed certificate of authenticity for his watch. However, the certificate is for a “Quality Seyko,” watch and not a Seiko watch. He was tricked into buying a knock-off and he proudly lets the world know.

15. The makers of The Rugrats Movie: Slice of Life cleverly slipped in a circumcision joke in their film.

jokes that were stealthily hidden

16. There’s also a masturbation joke in Rugrats. In the episode “Give and Take,” Phil is concerned about Chuckie’s sudden interest in his new toy, Mr. Boppo, so he says: “A kid his age should be playing with his friends, not alone in a room, bopping his Boppo”

17. There was an erectile dysfunction joke slipped in Space Jam. The doctor asks one of the players “Are there any other areas, besides basketball, where you find yourself.. unable to perform?”

18. In the Justice League TV series, Flash flexes about being the fastest man on earth to which Hawkgirl responds: “Which might explain why you can’t get a date.”

19. If you notice in Ratatouille when Linguini tries to tell Colette about his secret, he starts by saying that he has a tiny little and Colette takes a quick glance down at Linguini’s pants.

20. The titles of the Ratchet and Clank franchise are a long-running sex joke.

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