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20 Lies And Tricks That Your Favorite Films Pulled On You

Absolutely anything is possible to portray in movies! Movie magic tricks are REAL, people.

We’re given an illusion of something totally contrasting to the reality and the deception barely ever comes to our notice. Take a look at some of the most ultimate tricks, lies, and dupes that your favorite movies have pulled on you: 

1) Rachel McAdams’ flawless blonde hair in Mean Girls wasn’t actually dyed. It was a wig.

2) Julia Roberts’ head was apparently photoshopped onto her body double’s body for the Pretty Woman movie poster.

3) Despite playing a young teen in The Karate Kid, baby-face Ralph Macchio was actually 22 when he filmed the movie.

4) The country of Genovia from The Princess Diaries series isn’t actually a country. The name of the place was totally made up.

5) Even though Titanic was based on a true story and included names of real passengers, James Cameron completely made up the characters of Jack and Rose.

6) Did you notice how Michael J. Fox played multiple characters in Back to the Future Part II? He played the role of his own daughter, Marlene McFly.

7) It took director Chris Noonan 48 different piglets to play the title pig in Babe.

8) Remember Zachary Binx from Hocus Pocus? That wasn’t really his actual name. He was called “Thackery.”

9) All of the raptor noises that you hear in the Jurassic Park are actually the sounds of mating tortoises.

10) Despite the movie depicting a series of very real events, Forrest Gump wasn’t actually based on a true story

11) In the film Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, all of the babies were voiced by women.

12) The Live Aid scene in Rami Malek’s Bohemian Rhapsody is a total computer-generated clip and was actually shot at a field in England.

13) The Pismo Beach disaster never happened in the film Clueless. It was totally made up by Amy Heckerling, the movie’s writer.

14) Although Tom Holland plays the role of an American citizen in the MCU, he actually has a British accent.

15) Shirley Henderson who played Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was probably the oldest person in the Hogwarts uniform. The actress was 30-years-old when the film released

16) In Titanic, the scene where Jack freezes to death was shot in a swimming pool. James Cameron wore a swimsuit and assisted Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

17) If you’ve ever been to the New York City’s Museum of Natural History, you would know that it actually looks nothing like it is shown in Night at the Museum.

18) In the film Yellow Submarine, The Beatles didn’t do any of the voice actings 

19) The footage showed in The Blair Witch Project is 100% fake.

20) This pirate from Hook was actually played by Glenn Close.


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Source: BuzzFeed