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20 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Locations That We Fans Can Visit In Real Life

We are all well aware that all our favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movies need a high amount of CGI to transform these ordinary-looking BTS look splendid on the Big screen.
But what some of us might not be aware of is that the producers of these different movies sometimes use real-world locations that even fans can visit. The thing is that though the CGI is the king of Marvel Universe, creators also choose real-world locations, like from distinctive landmarks, to casual restaurants or buildings that could be used for a scene in several movies.
While making a particular movie, there is a lot of traveling to make a movie.
Actors and Producers don’t just film in one particular location; instead, they use different areas for different scenes to make up a movie.
The prime reason behind so much traveling is to make a film look good in front of fans to have a good response at the Box office.
Isn’t this amazing…
Hop on with us as we the FandomWire has compiled a list of some fantastic locations were fans can visit in real life and were also used in the MCU movies.

1. Iguazu Falls Warrior Falls In Black Panther:

2. Masimo Corporation Stark Industries In Iron Man:

3. University Of Toronto Culver University In The Incredible Hulk:

4. Randy’s Donuts Iron Man 2:

5. Toney Anaya Office Building County Hospital In Thor:

6. Titanic Hotel Pier 13 In Captain America: The First Avenger:

7. Tower City Center Loki’s Platform In The Avengers:

8. Dania Beach Bar & Grill Neptune’s Net In Iron Man 3:

9. Old Royal Naval College Thor: The Dark World:

10. Tower City Center The Mall In Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

11. Liége-Guillemins Railway Station Xandar Plaza In Guardians Of The Galaxy:

12. Fort Bard Hydra Research Base In Avengers: Age Of Ultron:

13. Riviera Hotel Milgrom Hotel In Ant-Man:

14. Leipzig/Halle Airport The Airport Battle In Captain America: Civil War:

15. Exeter College Doctor Strange:

16. BB’s Cafe Dairy Queen In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2:

17. Tamborine National Park Forests Of Asgard In Thor: Ragnarok:

18. Franklin K. Lane High School Midtown High School In Spider Man: Homecoming:

19. Elat Burger, Now Shalom Grill Shawarma Palace In The Avengers:

20. High Museum Of Art Museum Of Great Britain In Black Panther:

So Now, as Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ended with 22 movies in the franchise, the MCU is ready to hop-on to its next phases at a rapid rate.
Hopefully, using different locations to beautify their movies and have a good impact on the fans.
The Marvel will continue to use places like the mountains of Nepal, the streets of Edinburgh, and favela in Rio.
As fans, we can hope to see some new places in the upcoming Marvel movies where we could visit to feel the thrill of the film.


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