20 Movies People Want To See From The Perspective Of Secondary Characters

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The plot of every movie is narrated towards a happy ending (at least most of them). It’s usually the protagonist winning hearts and the antagonist facing defeat at the end of the day. The monotony is absolutely real. But have you ever thought how the story would’ve turned around had we known the actual intentions of the antagonist from his point of view? Or maybe how the story would’ve looked like from the perspective of some side character?


Reddit user u/porcupineapplepieces received a lot of answers when they asked, “If instead of rebooting movies, retelling them from a different point of view became popular, which movie would you like retold?”

We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 answers!


Lion King prequel but from the perspective of Scar

Imagine if we get to know really happened before Mufasa took over the throne. How was Scar right in his story and if he actually got cheated by Mufasa?

Fight Club, but from the perspective of one of those people who become a part of their club. Angel Face perhaps?


Imagine a story about Angel Face where we learn about how he was going about his life before he got roped into everything. We learn the real reason why he decided to stay.

Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II but from the point of view of Biff Tannen

Imagine if we get to see Tannen descend into madness by trying to destroy his arch-nemesis, Marty McFly. That would be another great story


(500) Days of Summer but from the perspective of Summer on everything.

Tom was simping hard. But imagine how the story would’ve looked like if it was from Summer’s perspective. Summer clearly wasn’t obsessed with Tom and had a lot other things going on in her life.

The Breakfast Club but from the point of view of the vice principal


Imagine if we see him working on Saturdays to babysit the kids who view him as a tyrannical monster. 100% a box office hit.

Halloween but according to Jason

Imagine if we get to see how he gets everywhere so fast while being so slow.


The Truman Show, but from the point of view of one of the other people involved in his life.

Imagine if we get to see a movie where the characters in Truman’s life tell how they control his life and direct him.

Captain America: The First Avenger but from the perspective of Bucky Barnes


Imagine if Marvel gave us a Bucky solo film where they told how he felt going in the war leaving behind his best pal. How he felt when he was rescued by the star-spangled man of America. How he felt when let go of Steve’s hand from the train and how HYDRA captured him.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier but from the perspective of Nick Fury.

Fury hadn’t faced such an attack before. Going undercover in that condition must’ve been another task. Imagine a solo Fury film where we learn his hardships from his time in Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Robin Hood but from the perspective of Sheriff of Nottingham

Imagine a Robin Hood movie that’s based on a medieval cop’s attempt to catch a highwayman.

The Sandlot but from the point of view of Mr. Mertle


Imagine a story where we learn about Mr. Mertle’s childhood in the pre-depression and pre-civil rights era. We learn how the Beast came into his life and why rumors ran rampant about the pup.

Little Mermaid but from the perspective of Ursula

Disney did an amazing job when it cast Angelina Jolie as Maleficent to retell the story from another character’s point of view. Imagine if we get Little Mermaid told from the perspective of Ursula


Final Destination but from Death’s perspective

Imagine a story narrated by death itself about how it feels betrayed. 10/10 would be better than the original Final Destination series.

Jumanji told from Alan Parrish’s point of view


Given how long he has been running from being hunted, Alan Parrish definitely has an interesting backstory. Imagine a story narrated by him about his time in the world of Jumanji

Star wars told from Leia’s perspective

Leia’s childhood was spent in luxury. She was raised in comfort and privilege. Seeing her hardships from the time she was captured and tortured would make a brilliant story.


Toy Story told from Andy’s perspective

Imagine Toy Story told from Andy’s perspective where he knows the secret of the Toys but pretends.

Hangover told from Doug’s point of view


The Wolf Pack spent a crazy night in Hangover. However, someone had it even rougher. Doug got baked in the sun and we have no idea how he spent that time on the roof

The Matrix but from Agent Smith’s point of view

Matrix spinoff where the story is narrated from Agent Smith’s point of view. We see his failed attempt of trying to stop a bunch of smelly rebels from ruining his battery factory


Mean Girls but from the perspective of someone who doesn’t go to the North Shore High School

What do kids from other city schools think about kids from North Shore High School? Imagine a movie with this narrative

Harry Potter Saga but from the perspective of Lord Voldemort aka Tom Riddle


Imagine a spinoff where we learn about Voldemort’s story starting from his childhood and early days in Hogwarts. Pretty sure fans would watch this more than the original film.


Which other film would you like to see from the perspective of other characters? Tell us in the comment section!


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