20 Pics Showing what would Happen If Covid-19 Hits The Disney World.

Though humour cannot literally defeat this pandemic, but it can definitely help us to stay happy, positive and to keep our anxieties away for a short period of time. And that’s the only reason many artists have been working very hard and giving their best during this quarantine by coming up with creative corona-related series and ideas. Such an artist known as AL @aldoarts imagined what it would be like if Disney was as well shaken by the Covid-19. AL creates some funny scenarios with our favourite cartoon characters in popular corona memes. According to AL he finds fun creating these relatable pandemic-themed situations such as the social distancing, the toilet paper and sanitizer craze along with this generation’s biggest problem i.e. romantic struggles. In AL’s illustrated Disney universe, Prince Charming has come up with cheesy quarantine pick-up lines and Jasmine has put on some extra weight. Does it sound familiar? If yes then let’s hop into these amazing Covid-19 memes.

1. Face-Time From Ariel:

2. I’m Out:

3. Poor Aladdin:

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4. Oh Prince Charmin:

5. Who Cares:

6. A Whole New….Roll!!

7. Oh! Ala:

8. Bring It On Corona:

9. Poor Jasmine :

10. Hey Ladies Stay There!!

11. I love Your Hercules:

12. Jasmine Sneezing in 2020 Be Like:

13. Beauty And The Tissue:

14. Practicing Social Distancing:

15. Priorities First:

16. Hercules Singing The Quarantine Song:

17. Aladdin The Pizza Boy:

18. Gloves Are Important:

19. Professor Snape Vs Baby Yoda:

20. Elon Mask:

Source: Hidrėlėy

Written by FandomWire Staff

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