20 Questions About Twilight We’d Be Glad If You Could Answer/Explain

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It’s honestly so hard to believe that the first part of the Twilight series came out more than a decade ago. Remember the obsession we had with it in middle school? Since then, we all have had our reruns of the saga. The series has grossed over $3.3 billion worldwide.
While many claim it to be the best vampire genre series, there are a few things in it that just don’t add up. Few things which make zero sense to date. Few things we have no answers to. Few things we wish somebody could explain.


It’s been some time since we’ve watched the series but here are some things that just don’t make any sense:

1. When Bella’s a vampire she has a whole “shield” thing which prevents anyone from reading her mind. Why can’t Edward hear Bella’s thoughts when she was only a human?

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2. If all they feed on is blood, how would their bodies react if they ate human food? How can they claim to be good cooks if they can’t even taste food?

La vida de Elizabeth, siempre ha estado rodeada de peligro... Nunca …  #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # watt… | Twilight new moon, Twilight  pictures, Twilight

3. Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, and Edward go about doing anything in their lives but decided to go to high school out of all the places. WHY? 

Edward Cullen's perspective in 'Midnight Sun' ideas | Twilight theories

4. What was the concept behind making Edward glitter, like why Stephanie Meyer?

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5. Why were the Cullens overly dramatic about baseball? Dressing up that way and Edward wearing his major league baseball shirt. Why?

The "Twilight" Baseball Scene Is Pure Cinematic Excellence

6. Would it be okay if someone watched you while you are sleeping? It ain’t romantic, it’s super creepy to break into someone’s house just to watch them sleep as Edward did.

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7. Despite knowing Edward for centuries, knowing how he feels about Bella and knowing how he would react, why does Alice tell Edward that she saw a vision of Bella killing herself?

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8. Why didn’t Edward bother once to call Bella and Charlie to check if she survived?

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9. I understand Edward tried to expose himself as a vampire so the Volturi would have to kill him. But was that really the best way to come out as a Vampire?

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10. Why were Edward and Jacob always rushing off to get themselves killed for Bella’s doings? New Moon for Edward and Eclipse for Jacob. Both got their arses saved by Bella eventually.

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11. It’s understandable that Edward was protective of Bella and didn’t want to hurt her with his super strength during sex but they could’ve done other stuff too? I mean every person has needs…

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12. And how on earth did Bella get pregnant if Edward has no blood inside of him. Were those sperm sitting around in Edward’s body? You NEED blood for…you know what…

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13. What exactly is filled inside Edward if not blood? Sparkles?

#edward from THE CITRUS SCALE


14. How and why was Bella’s dad so chill with his daughter getting married right after high school?

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15.  What explanation do you think Edward and Bella gave to Bella’s human friends who were at their wedding for having a baby so fast?

BDp1 - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Fan Art (33879506) - Fanpop

16. It’s understandable that she was growing fast but WHY did Renesmee look like this?

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17. She was a hybrid case in the vampire world so does that make her fitting to give birth to young ones?

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18. Do the people on which shape-shifter/werewolves imprint on, have an option to say no to them? Like, where’s consent?

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19. Was all this sexual tension between Bella and Jacob there because of some unfertilized egg? 

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20. Out of all the names in the world, couldn’t Stephenie Meyer have come up with a better name than Renesmee? I’d be mad pissed if I had a name like that… 

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Do you have answers to any of the above questions? If yes, then share with us in the comment section below!

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