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20 Squid Game Finale Tweets To Make You Laugh & Cry At The Same Time

With its nail-biting plotline, Squid Game has completely enthralled audiences. The South Korean thriller has recently become Netflix’s most viewed series. The story consistently incorporates new elements that have viewers on the edge of their seats. So it’s no surprise the finale episode was one of the most satisfying in television history.

Of course, viewers couldn’t resist tweeting about their favorite and not-so-favorite moments in the show. So here are some Squid Games tweets that will either have you squirming with laughter or crying in your pillow tonight.

The 'Squid Game' Ending, Explained

Spoilers ahead: Proceed with caution!

1. Oh, Il-Nam really played us all.

2. Squid Game: The show with the most horrifying betrayal in cinematic history.

3. Pictorial representation of the season finale:

4. Same thoughts, girl!

5. No one:

    The Squid Game Fandom:

6. True Story!

7. This is so painfully accurate!

8. Same context, actually.

9. What watching the season finale felt like:

10. Pretty much the entire fandom hates Sang-woo at this point.

11. Oh Il-nam, king of hurting feelings.

12. Oh Il-nam trying to fit in like:


14. If the show did one thing, it made me emotionally numb!

15. If you didn’t figure already, we HATE the old man.

16. There are countless posts about people expressing Squid Game finale, here’s one of them

17. No one knew about Gi-hun’s Lavagirl obsession.

18. The man took care of everyone except his own daughter.

19. Here is a picture compilation of the season finale:

20. This show is probably why we’re all gonna need therapy, just saying.


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