20 Things Movies And TV Characters Do That No Real Person Does

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Movies and TV characters have had a great influence on our lives. After all, they’re either indirectly or directly about the human condition. However, there are a lot of time when they really aren’t. Take a look at 20 such examples:




1. Movie and TV characters are in the habit of quoting literature and sayings of famous people. People like us can only paraphrase, no matter how many times we’ve read the book.

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2. It’s weird how TV/movie parents regularly have wine with most of their meals. In our houses, we only get water, juices, or sodas as options.

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3. It’s bizarre how most residents of New York rarely lock their doors. Do they not fear burglars?

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4. The ease at which people in movies and TVs pull out wires, make few sparks, and start car engines makes me question the safety of automobiles.

4 15

5. People in sitcoms never leave the room to discuss a person. They simply take a few steps back and speak at a regular volume, without worrying that the other person would be able to hear them or not.

5 16

6. It’s pretty mean to finish your food at a restaurant, simply toss your cash on the table and make a move.

7. When we talk to people on the phone, we don’t state the question that we were asked, we simply answer it. People in movies and TV shows have other ways.

6 16

8. Most teenagers don’t go out wearing the same clothes every day. They in fact think about their outfits.

7 10

9. It’s pretty common to see bullies stuffing school kids in the lockers. Honestly, we’ve never seen or heard it in real life.

8 18

10. One doesn’t simply get a breakdown while singing a song.

9 17

11. People in movies and TV shows comfortably make conversations with each other while brushing their teeth. Yet, the foam stays inside their mouths. I sometimes wonder if they even use toothpaste.

10 18


12. People in movies and TV shows see better in bright sunlight when they take off their sunglasses.

11 1

13. I still don’t understand how people get locked with other people in handcuffs.

12 15

14. People in movies and TV shows pee for so long that they fit a full conversation with people n restrooms.

13 17

15. People in movies and TV remain close friends even after a breakup, and they most likely end up getting back together.

14 15

16. Food has consequences in real life, you tend to gain weight. This concept however has no gravity in movies and TV shows.

15 13

17. In crime shows, it’s never one person explaining the situation. Each person has at least one sentence to say. Somehow they don’t even interrupt each other and dramatically finish another person’s sentences.


18. Sitcom characters have zero sense of humor. People around them would say the most chucklesome thing yet they don’t even giggle. Real people laugh even when they don’t find something funny because they don’t want to be rude.

17 6

19. One would easily get bored by eating at the same restaurant every single day. People in movies and sitcoms don’t.

18 2

20. People in movies and TV shows remove their glasses whenever they want to say something dramatic or smart.



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