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20 Times Black Widow And Captain America Were Friendship Goals

The wait for Black Widow is almost over as the film is now in queue for Marvel’s next project release. Slated for a July 9 2021 release, Black Widow’s scheduled May 2020 premiere was pushed back by the pandemic and we couldn’t be more disappointed.

Natasha Romanoff and Captain Steve Rodgers have had numerous moments in the MCU that have shown the strength of their friendship. The duo first crossed paths in Avengers and grew their bond throughout the Captain America films – Winter Soldier and Civil War. They spent years concealing themselves from the sight of the Avengers after the events of Civil War and supported each other during their darkest times. Steve and Natasha shared some of the most iconic moments in Captain America: The Winter Soldier when they teamed up with Falcon to fight the Winter Soldier. This confrontation led to Steve saving Natasha’s life while unknowingly fighting his life-long best friend.

Let’s just say they proved to us that they are the MCU’s ultimate best friends. Here are 20 instances which remind us that:

1. Cap and Natasha’s first meet in Avengers where she asks him if he’s signed Agent Coulson’s Captain America cards yet. That moment is the very onset of their beautiful bond

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2. When Black Widow tells Cap about Loki and Thor and how both of them are basically gods, and he replies that he only knows one God, who definitely doesn’t dress like the Asgardian royals.

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3. When Black Widow had to get to the Chitauri ship and Cap gives her a boost with his shield. They hadn’t known each other for very long but they made great fighting partners

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4. When Black Widow mocks Steve Rodgers by asking Sam Wilson and Cap where the Smithsonian is because she’s picking up a fossil (referring to Cap as a fossil)

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5. When Black Widow tries to make small talk with Cap during their mission in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Like a devoted wing-woman, she also tries to get him back into the dating scene throughout the movie

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6. That time when Cap and Natasha went undercover at the mall in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The two ended up looking like corporate millennials out for a hunt of files.

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7. The first time Captain America and Black Widow kissed when she sees the S.T.R.I.K.E. guys approaching and wants to steer clear of them. She later explained to Cap that “Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable.”

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8. That time when Black Widow asks Captain America if he’s still awkward after their kiss to which he responds that uncomfortable isn’t the word he was exactly thinking of.

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9. When Natasha jokes and asks Cap where he learned to steal a car from and Cap responds that they’re only borrowing so she should put her feet off the dash.

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10. When Natasha tries to make it awkward for Steve by asking him how long it had been since he last kissed someone and Steve responds by saying that it wasn’t his first kiss since 1945

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11. When Steve tries to clear the air between her and Natasha and asks her to be just friends. Their dynamic can go from dry and witty to serious and emotional in a snap.

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12. When Natasha makes a pop culture reference to the movie WarGames and then explains it to Steve.

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13. When Natasha gives Steve a very platonic kiss at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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14. When Natasha instantly recongnizes that Steve was hiding something from her and calls him out on lying to her in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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15. When Natasha makes a taunting remark on Steve’s hatred for swearing in Avengers: Age of Ultron. *LANGUAGE!*

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16. When Natasha travels to England to comfort Steve at Peggy’s funeral during Captain America: Civil War because she didn’t want Steve to be alone.

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17. When Natasha technically being on Tony’s side in Captain America: Civil War decides to let Steve and Bucky go while the other Avengers fought among each other.

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18. When Natasha comes next to Steve to comfort him after Thanos’ snap in Infinity War.

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19. When Steve tries to cheer Natasha up 5 years after the snap in Endgame and she threatens to hit him in the head with a peanut butter sandwich.

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20. The final time Nat and Cap talked to each other before they went back in time and had a cute little exchange in Endgame.

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Out of all the times they shared together in the infinity saga, which one has been your favorite? Share with us in the comment section below!




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