$200M Ryan Reynolds Movie Forced to Edit a Scene after 6 ft 5 in Dwayne Johnson Couldn’t Get into a Porsche Due to His Titanian Size

$200M Ryan Reynolds Movie Forced to Edit a Scene after 6 ft 5 in Dwayne Johnson Couldn't Get into a Porsche Due to His Titanian Size

Dwayne Johnson built a strong Hollywood career from his impressive action star brand and ripped physique. Typically known for being shredded, Johnson often signs up for roles that compliment his humongous body. However, at times his titanian size does serve as a problem like it did while shooting Ryan Reynolds starring $200M Red Notice. 

Dwyane Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Sharing a bunch of photos on his Instagram following the wrap-up of Red Notice, Dwayne Johnson expressed his gratitude towards his crew and his co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. However, one of his posts went under the radar, where Johnson was seen hilariously struggling to fit into the tiny sports car Porsche Taycan, with his massive frame.

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Dwayne Johnson Struggled With His Porsche In Red Notice 

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s characters in movies can do a lot of cool things like defying gravity, bullets, and sometimes even death. Typically known for his massive 6 ft 5 inches, 260 pounds body, the actor often signs up for roles that highlight his ginormous frame. Similarly, even for his Netflix movie Red Notice, the actor and WWE legend took on an insane action flick role that appeared marvelous on the big screen. 

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Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne Johnson

However, there was a slight problem this time while shooting Red Notice. Evidently, Dwayne Johnson’s shredded physique was too big to fit inside the Porsche while filming. It seems, all of that bench pressing has left Johnson incapable of getting into sports cars, as this wasn’t the first time he struggled getting inside a supercar. He previously shared a story stating how he struggled to get inside a Ferrari LaFerrari and a GTA Spano while filming HBO hit series Ballers

Dwyane Johnson
Dwayne Johnson shared on Instagram

But this time while shooting Red Notice with Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson outlined the difficulty associated with his Porsche Taycan. Sharing images on Instagram, the actor exposed behind-the-scenes footage of him struggling with his tiny sports car. “Guess who’s too big to fit in yet another sports car and now we have to change the entire shot sequence around.” Johnson wrote on his Instagram caption. 

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Dwayne Johnson’s Porsche Shots Were Edited To Look Seamless 

Detailing an awkward conversation with the director Rawson Thurber, Dwayne Johnson explained how he realized his frame was too big for any sports car. He mentioned, how he forcefully tried to “shimmy into the Porsche” like a “big a** brown marshmallow getting shoved into a coin slot.” With Johnson’s hilarious post coming under the radar, the actor later broke down the shooting sequence. 

Dwyane Johnson
Johnson struggles to fit inside sports cars

Johnson mentions how the director “wrote this INSANE chase sequence where I hop in this iconic Porsche and be the bad a** behind the wheel that I am.” Thus, attempting to try the scene, the actor buckled up. He continued, “Well, after months of prep and costs buying and shipping this car over to the States — it’s time to rehearse the big chase sequence”. However, it wasn’t relatively easy, as there were immense struggles and barely any success. 

After about 15 seconds of uncomfortable silence, Rawson, myself, and the entire crew just started laughing our a**es off”  Dwayne Johnson expressed. 

Rawson Thurber
Rawson Thurber and his team made creative edits

Thus, after trying enough and failing miserably, Rawson Thurber and his crew had to put in some magic. Thankfully, the creative editing team had it under control in the post-production. “In the end, we showed our agility to think quick on our feet and found ‘creative’ ways to still get the shot”. Johnson mentioned. Eventually, the team managed to find a way around the actor’s monstrous size and made the whole scene appear seamless. 

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