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2013’s R.I.P.D. – One of the Worst Ryan Reynolds Movies Ever, Is Getting a Sequel Titled ‘R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned’

Ryan Reynolds, the Pharaoh of understated comedy and all things hilarious, had a pretty rough go in Hollywood before things turned for the better with 2016’s Deadpool. The world of Marvel x Foxverse provided him the ultimate platform for the reach that he needed to breathe life into his career-defining role as the titular anti-hero, Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds with wife, Blake Lively
Ryan Reynolds arrives at the MET with his wife, Blake Lively

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However, before masquerading as the Merc with the Mouth, Reynolds was an actor faring relatively well who kept appearing in almost half a dozen action movies with no foreseeable future under the spotlight of global fame anytime soon. Among those action movies was R.I.P.D. which he co-starred in alongside Jeff Bridges.

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Ryan Reynolds’s R.I.P.D. Gets Green-Lit For a Sequel

The 2013 action-comedy R.I.P.D. was one of the few movies that would be just weird enough to warrant a one-time watch and yet stick to memory for its nonsensical plot. This particular film belonged to this category for two essential reasons — the ridiculous chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and The Big Lebowski actor, Jeff Bridges, and having the ghosts of deceased police officers hunting down renegade baddies all over Boston.

Jeff Bridges as The Dude
Jeff Bridges as The Dude in The Big Lebowski

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With the movie somewhat captivating the audience initially for having an overtone of MIB-like plot, the audience who went in expecting the same was bound for a journey of disappointment. The movie currently holds an embarrassing 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, with time, the film gradually snowballed into garnering a reputation as an underground cult classic. Almost a decade after the film’s release, R.I.P.D. is now getting a sequel titled R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned.

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How the R.I.P.D. Sequel Can Be a Sensible Studio Move

When the movie first came out in 2013, it tanked horribly at the box office with a non-existent profit margin, failing to even equate to the budget of the movie. The film however is not the first project to have flopped and then revived to become a successful franchise. The tactical move undertaken by the Universal Pictures production house follows in the footsteps of such movies as Chucky and Scorpion King. 

R.I.P.D. featuring Jeff Bridges as Roy Pulsipher and Ryan Reynolds as Nick Walker
R.I.P.D. featuring Jeff Bridges as Roy Pulsipher and Ryan Reynolds as Nick Walker

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So far, Motion Pictures Association has only announced the sequel to be a direct-to-video project. No mention has been made about whether the initial roster of the cast will be returning in the follow-up movie or if R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned will feature an entirely new crew. The initial movie was adapted from the Peter Lenkov comic book, Rest In Peace Department, and it is still unclear whether the sequel will stick to the original source’s narrative or go rogue with the borrowed material.

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