First ‘Venom’ Trailer Is “Venomless”

At long last, feast your eyes on the first trailer for Venom, the long in the works Ruben Fleischer-helmed (Zombieland, Gangster Squad, 30 Minutes or Less) take on Spider-Man’s foe which features 100% less Topher Grace and instead starring Tom Hardy in the titular role.  Venom also serves as a kickoff to Sony’s own shared universe of Spidey films meant to run alongside the mighty Marvel Cinematic Universe, thus ensuring everyone will be confused.  At least this first peek at Venom looks outstanding-a true tease, to be sure, but there’s little to suggest that Hardy will be anything less than excellent.  The gritty feel this clip presents may seem redundant, almost DC-esque, but nevertheless I’m sold.

Venom menaces its way into theaters October 5th.