Episode Titles Revealed for ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 in Original Comic Book Artwork

With the second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones releasing on Netflix this week, the production decided to reveal the show’s episode titles in a rather fun way.  13 original comic book cover artwork have been released each showcasing the episode title for the respective 13 episodes of this season.

1. Episode 1: “AKA: Start at the Beginning”

2. Episode 2: “AKA: Freak Accident”

3. Episode 3: “AKA: Sole Survivor”

4. Episode 4: “AKA: God Help the Hobo”

5. Episode 5: “AKA: The Octopus”

6. Episode 6: “AKA: Facetime”

7. Episode 7: “AKA: I Want Your Cray Cray”

8. Episode 8: “AKA: Ain’t We Got Fun”

9. Episode 9: “AKA: Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed”

10. Episode 10: “AKA: Porkchop”

11. Episode 11: “AKA: Three Lives and Counting”

12. Episode 12: “AKA: Pray for my Patsy”

13. Episode 13: “AKA: Playland”