Marvel Studios Holding Open Auditions for New Spider-Man Villain and High-School Lead

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In less than two months time, Marvel fans will be flooding theaters for Avengers: Infinity War. Around that time, filming for the yet to be titled Spider-Man sequel will also begin. As such, the casting is well underway, and a new report from The Hashtag Show has a few details. According to the report Sony/Disney is hunting for a Femme Fatale to star alongside Tom Holland’s Spider-man. They are also looking for two agents to play alongside the new Bond-girl type lead. There is also news that Marvel Studios casting director Sarah Finn is on the lookout for two other major roles.

The film will have moments occurring overseas and there’s a prevailing theory that the films villain may have something to do with that. The script is calling for a villain with “elevated ideas”, and interestingly enough both the ethnicity and the sex of the actor is open. They are also looking preferably in the age group between 30 – 45 years old. This is also interesting given the mid-credit scene in Homecoming showing Vulture and Scorpion join forces in prison.

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As a result it’s left a big question mark as to who it could be. Many of Spider-man’s villains fit that description so it could be almost anyone. Even in regards to follow-ups the door is wide open for who they’ll try to implement. An example being the Sinister Six where the elevated ideas description could be Doc Oc, Mysterio, or Kraven the Hunter out of its original members. It’s also a possibility given the previous trilogies tease that never came to fruition due to the IP being sold to Marvel Studios by Sony. Another noteworthy point is the fact Jon Watts crew wasn’t afraid to shake up the classic comic look to try to make characters more akin to “modern New York”.

As for those other roles they are looking for!

It seems they are searching for a male actor of any ethnicity between the ages of 18 – 24. It’s reported to be an important role, but is unlikely to lead to any spinoffs. However they want this character to hold his own with Holland and possess “leading man” qualities of his own. As a result of both roles being open to ethnicity this could (but hopefully won’t) lead to the two new characters being connected. Now I say hopefully no connection because they already did that in the previous film, and doing so twice in a row may be a bit  repetitive.

Now because the villain’s identity is still up in the air, this should lead to some fun speculation as to who our favourite web-crawler have to go toe to toe with? This also could bring up the possibility of Venom having some involvement in the very likely third iteration of the newest trilogy. That, in combination with Marvel’s acquisition of Fox’s assets could maybe lead to them exploring the “Secret Wars” storyline… which I don’t know about you, but I think that would be awesome.

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Anyways we will try to update you as info becomes available but in the meantime we’d like to hear what you guys think. Who is the new villain going to be?  Who is this new high-school character? What is his role going to be? Let us know in the comment section below,

Spider-man Homecoming’s sequel will hit theaters on July 5th 2019. 

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