DC Universe’s ‘Stargirl’ To Start Production In Georgia

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The live action DC Universe series Stargirl is set to start production in Georgia according to a report from Omega Underground.

The report states that casting for the show’s lead is starting to speed up with production being set to start in Atlanta, Georgia this January. It is quite common for studios to film their television shows and movies in Georgia due to the tax incentives that they receive from the state government.

Stargirl was announced this year at San Diego Comic Con 2018 by Geoff Johns during his spotlight panel where he stated that he would be writing and producing the series under his newly launched Mad Ghost Productions studio. DC television giant Greg Berlanti will be co-producing the series alongside Johns through his own Berlanti Productions studio.

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Stargirl is Courtney Whitmore whose personality and name is modeled after Johns’ older sister who was tragically killed in the TWA Flight 800 incident in 1996. Together with artist Lee Moder, Johns debuted the character in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #1 in 1999 as a legacy character who dons the costume of the original Star-Spangled Kid after finding out that her stepfather was the sidekick of a golden age hero. After becoming a member of the Justice Society of America, Courtney is given a cosmic staff by fellow JSA member Jack Knight/Starman and becomes Stargirl.

Stargirl will follow high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore, who inspires an unlikely group of young heroes to stop villains from the past. The series will feature appearances and references to iconic members of the Justice Society of America, the group that Courtney is most often associated with in the comics. The series is described as “fun, exciting, and unpredictable”, and inspired by Superman: The Movie and Wonder Woman.

This will be the third live-action appearance from the DC superhero following recent appearances on Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow. 

Stargirl is the sixth series to be announced as an exclusive on the DC Universe digital streaming service following Titans, Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, Young Justice: Outsiders, and Swamp Thing. It is currently unknown if the show will share continuity with Titans and Doom Patrol or if it plans to take an approach similar to Swamp Thing where it will exist within its own continuity.

Stargirl is slated to premiere on the DC Universe digital streaming service sometime in 2019.

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