DC Universe Streaming Service To Launch In Canada

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The upcoming DC Universe digital streaming service is going to launch in Canada soon.

When DC Entertainment announced that their exclusive DC Universe digital streaming service which would be complete with a curated list of comics, movies, television shows, and new original shows like Titans, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, and Stargirl, it was also announced much to the dismay of DC fans worldwide that the service would be exclusive to the US and it’s territories. However, this is no longer the case.

During the DC Nation panel at the Toronto Fan Expo, DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio was able to confirm that a Canadian version of the DC Universe digital streaming service would be coming to Canada without the service having to deal with the difficulty of fiddling with IP addresses, foreign credits cards, and numerous other issues that have likely prolonged the service from having an initial worldwide launch. This is great news for those people who have been rather frustrated with the service not being available in their country, but it does get better. DiDio was also able to confirm that the DC Universe should be moving up north very soon with a Canadian version of the service currently having a beta in progress.

The US version of the DC Universe digital streaming service is set to launch on September 15th to coincide with DC’s annual Batman Day event. DiDio was not able to give an exact date as to when the service could launch up north, but there’s room to speculate that it could be later this year or in very early 2019. As for other regions of the world like the United Kingdom, we can only hope that we’ll hear some positive news of them joining the DC Universe at some point.

At launch, the service is set to include the four Christopher Reeve Superman films, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, animated television series Batman: The Animated Series, Static Shock, Young Justice, Teen Titans, live-action television series Constantine, Lois & Clark, and Wonder Woman, the latter remastered in high-definition, and animated films including Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Green Lantern: First Flight, and Wonder Woman as well as a rotating library of comics from DC’s vault.

Fans who pre-order the DC Universe service before Sept. 12 will be automatically entered into the Ultimate Batman Studio Tour Sweepstakes. One winner will get the chance to visit DC’s headquarters and ride inside a Batmobile.

The DC Universe service will be available for a monthly fee of $7.99 or an annual fee of $74.99.

What do you think of this news? Are you ready for the DC Universe? Let us know in the comments below!

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