Viral Again Co-Founders Share Efficient Strategies for Improving Brand Growth

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Mujahid Islam of Viral Again, together with Co-Founder Chandra Prakash Chaudhary, shares various strategies to help clients improve their brand growth and value. Mujahid shares these trending marketing tactics through their company, Viral Company, a business dedicated to helping clients become viral on the Internet.

(Chandra Prakash Chaudhary & Mujahid Islam)

Viral Again is a company providing various services designed to connect clients to content with the potential to become viral and will resonate with their customer base. Mujahid, a Social Media Strategist, Brand Developer, and Web Entrepreneur, heads the company together with Chandra. Besides Viral Again, he also founded the brands Doggo, Rearfront, Catish, Freaked, and Nerdism. The advantage of Viral Again comes from the fact that their brands are a total package.

From Rearfront to Catish, each brand is an entertainment niche that helps clients to circulate their content and become the instrument to boost the business’s presence online. Through Mujahid’s expertise in social media marketing, branding, and web marketing, Viral Again helps businesses achieve mainstream popularity. One of Mujahid’s brands is Rearfront, an entertainment platform. Rearfront provides clients quality content as well as keeping them up-to-date on the newest trends.

The platform is a reliable resource that provides clients with social stories and content with an excellent sense of humour. It is where everyone can find trending topics and news with the quality to be viral. It is also one of the places where Viral Again’s clients can search for a topic to share with their audience. On the other hand, there is Nerdism. It is a website designed to provide different kinds of fan bases on the Internet with fuel that has the potential to be viral.

From books, TV series to movies, Nerdism has everything that will keep client’s entertainment obsessions covered. As the name suggests, Doggo is a platform focusing on dogs. It is a social platform covering news concerning dogs such as content with dog-related humour and sometimes shares content showing dog’s cuteness. Besides a place to look for something to make a customer smile for the day, also holds Viral Again’s new mobile game. The new game is available at Play Store and iOS Store for download.

The last of Viral Again’s brands is, an American website where clients can resource content on anything weird and creepy. It is the place to look for things one doesn’t get to see every day anywhere such chilling documentaries, serials killers, and more. All four brands are channels that support Viral Again. These are channels that include in the strategies used by Viral Again to make a client’s brand viral.

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