Robin To Appear In Matt Reeves' 'The Batman'?

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is gathering momentum in terms of casting details and rumors. With the most recent confirmation of Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight, a new report for the upcoming DC movie has hinted at Batman sidekick Robin appearing in the movie alongside Pattinson.

There has been no further details have been confirmed about the Boy Wonder’s debut in the upcoming DC franchise. Should these rumors turn out to be true, it would mark the first cinematic appearance of Robin since Chris O’Donnell portrayed the iconic sidekick in the infamous 1997 Joel Schumacher movie, Batman & Robin. Before that, the character debuted in the previous installment, Batman Forever.

Although Robin never officially appeared in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises featured a homage to the Boy Wonder with Joseph Gordon-Levitt portraying a GCPD officer called John Blake whose legal name is revealed at the end of the movie to be Robin. Despite no super heroics from Gordon-Levitt’s character, we do see a budding partnership between Blake and Christian Bale’s Batman and the ending of the movie does hint at the character becoming Gotham’s next protector.

Robin has also been hinted at multiple times in the most recent DC film universe franchise, first being teased in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with the chest plate of the second Robin, Jason Todd, being prominently featured in the Batcave, and Suicide Squad stating that Harley Quinn assisted The Joker in murdering said Robin.

Although a Nightwing movie has been rumored, which would presumably star original Robin Dick Grayson as Nightwing, no official details have been confirmed as to if that movie will ever be made, suggesting that The Batman may be the Boy Wonder’s debut in the DCEU.

It is also worth noting that Dick Grayson and Jason Todd are not the only characters to take on the mantle of Robin. In the comics, there are six prominent characters to don the Robin role and two of them are women, meaning Matt Reeves has a plethora of choice when it comes to deciding on which direction he wants to take the character in.

The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters in June 2021.

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