Fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise have launched a petition to bring back Johnny Depp into the swashbuckling fantasy movie for its sixth installment. From its debut chapter, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003 up to the fifth movie, the blockbuster film grossed over a total of $4.5 billion globally.

The recent installment, Dead Men Tell No Tales, released in 2017 garnered $795 million worldwide. Despite the hefty haul, it marked the lowest collection in the whole franchise both in box office and audience reception. With this downhill, Disney is planning to reboot the entire franchise.

Depp’s acting prowess and stage charisma is no doubt unparalleled but his private life may be a bit of a drag on his employability. The alarming news about abuse allegations involving ex-wife Amber Heard, and the countersuits that followed, affected Depp’s behavior in the recent years. In addition, he also faced a lawsuit for allegedly attacking the location manager of City of Lies. This resulted to the announcement that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 would not involve Depp.

The petition for Depp’s reinstatement to reprise his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow was launched by his fans. As of this writing, the plea has amassed a total of nearly 20,000 signatures and counting. The creators are reportedly still unable to find anybody to take the steering wheel.

With Depp set to return as the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3, people are calling for boycott due to the controversy. Warner Bros. is reportedly bothered about Depp’s involvement and its impact on the franchise. Regardless, Fantastic Beasts author J.K. Rowling and director David Yates are confident that Depp is the perfect actor for the role.

It’s no question that Depp’s charisma and brilliant performances in the last five installments carried the franchise. With Deadpool writers no longer involved in the scriptwriting, there is no clear vision as to where the movie is headed.

The petitions can only do so much whether Depp will reprise his role as Jack Sparrow or not. With that in mind, fans can still enjoy Depp’s upcoming projects such as Waiting for the Barbarians, while well—waiting—for Pirates of the Caribbean 6.