Recently, DC unveiled the new teaser poster for Wonder Woman: 1984 that made fans go gaga over Diana’s ‘Golden Eagle’ armor. The bright and colorful poster might be director Patty Jenkin’s way of explicitly telling us that they may not pattern the plot after the original comic book story behind it.

You might be wondering where Diana got the armor and certainly she cannot return to Themyscira anytime soon. She had very little time spent on the island and there was no hint of that particular armor in the first movie. Whatever backstory the scriptwriters may give us, it will definitely beat the comic book version.

The Golden Eagle armor may purely be cosmetic. Diana doesn’t usually wear heavy armor to protect herself but when she does—its usually for a really massive fight. This particular armor was introduced as part of the Elseworlds series called Kingdom Come in 1996. Lex Luthor brought together all the planet’s supervillains and an all-out war was bound to happen. Diana took the massive metal-winged armor from her watchtower wall.

A few years later, the armor was incorporated in Wonder Woman issue #144 in 1999 by writers Erick Luke and Yanick Paquette. Without any story significance, Diana wore the armor as a tribute to Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come as her true Amazonian armor.

One question many fans are asking… if the armor has been there before, why are we seeing it just now? In the first movie, Diana has the ability to deflect bullets without heavy armor. When she left the island to kill Ares, her Amazon sisters never handed her this armor despite knowing the kind of battle she is going to face.

The armor could potentially be introduced to aid her when she goes toe to toe with Dr. Barbara Minerva, aka The Cheetah.

Reports say that director Patty Jenkins will draw inspiration from the latest personification of Cheetah told by Nicola Scott, Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp in Wonder Woman Rebirth. Rumor has it Barbara will begin as Diana’s friend and fellow history buff; eventually transforming into Cheetah, and becoming Wonder Woman’s opponent.

What are your thought on the Golden Eagle armor and the new Wonder Woman: 1984 poster?