It is easy to dwell on what might have been when nothing can be done about it, and it seems that the untimely cancelation of DC Universe’s latest series Swamp Thing has pulled out a planned expansive crossover universe by the roots.

Last week, after the premiere episode of Swamp Thing, it was confirmed that the series had been cancelled with the remainder of Season 1 to play out as intended.

However, new reports now claim that the creative minds behind Swamp Thing were planning a three-season arc for the series that would eventually lead to the swamp monster crossing over into a Justice League Dark series.

Justice League Dark in the comics is the supernatural occult version of the more mainstream Justice League of America. The team’s main roster includes Swamp Thing along with mystics Madame Xanadu, Zatanna and John Constantine, the ghostly Deadman and Etrigan the Demon.

According to sources, the three-season arc plan would see some if not all of the planned members of the Justice League Dark appearing either in Swamp Thing or in spin-off series of their own before coming together in a Justice League Dark series.

Swamp Thing and Madame Xanadu already exist in this universe, the remaining roster has yet to be revealed, nor is it likely it will now the series has been cancelled, so it is unknown who would have appeared or if a potential crossover with the CW’s Arrowverse to borrow their John Constantine would have been the plan.

Had the creatives behind Swamp Thing been able to carry out their Justice League Dark plan, the series could have been the start of the DC Universe’s own shared universe to potentially rival the CW shows that currently make up the Arrowverse.

A cinematic Justice League Dark movie has been teased by Warner Bros. for some time now originally with Guillermo del Toro set to direct before he left the project to focus on other ventures. However, in 2017 Warner Bros. announced that the movie was still in the works.

Swamp Thing is available on the streaming service DC Universe with an episode released weekly and stars Andy Bean, Derek Meyers, Crystal Reed, Virginia Madsen, Henderson Wade, Maria Stein, Jeryl Prescott, Jennifer Beals, Will Patton and Kevin Durand.

Are you sad Swamp Thing has been cancelled? Would you have wanted to see a Justice League Dark series?