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The cast of Disney’s upcoming live action The Little Mermaid is quickly coming together as now it seems the talent behind the scenes of the movie are closing in on their choice to play the titular mermaid’s father King Triton, with their sights set on Javier Bardem.

After the official casting of relative newcomer Halle Bailey as the young mermaid Ariel setting the blogosphere into a frenzy with the Mouse House changing the ethnicity of one of their most prominent Disney Princesses from Caucasian to African-American, the remainder of the main cast soon came rolling in through the rumour mill. With Melissa McCarthy in talks to play the villainous Ursula, Awkwafina set to voice a gender-bent Scuttle, Jacob Tremblay to voice Flounder, and the most recent rumour is popstar turned actor Harry Styles in talks to portray Prince Eric.

Now it seems that the role of Ariel’s father, King Triton, is being eyed up by Oscar-winning Spanish actor Javier Bardem, a role that, if confirmed as true, will add some diversity to the live-action cast which thus far only has its leading lady as the only non-Caucasian star, with Chinese-descended Awkafina set to voice the fan-favourite seagull rather than appear physically on-screen.

While there has been much debate recently among the fan community as to the setting of the upcoming live action The Little Mermaid, the original story told by Hans Christian Anderson sets the story in the author’s home country of Denmark. However, the composer for the upcoming movie Lin Manuel Miranda is hoping to give the movie more of a Jamaican-Caribbean feel and as such was originally reportedly hoping for a more regionally appropriate cast akin to that of the animated Moana.

However, Bardem has had his taste of the Caribbean once before starring in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales portraying the villainous Captain Salazar, interestingly enough also from Disney.

While these are still early stages of the characters casting, Bardem is not the only actor with his sites on the role of the King of Atlantis as earlier this month, Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews posted a photoshopped image of himself as King Triton.

With King Triton being one of few parents of a Disney Princess to be a hero with antagonistic tendencies in their respective movies, both Javier Bardem and Terry Crews are actors who could easily play an intimidating but loveable father.

Disney’s upcoming live action The Little Mermaid has no confirmed release date but is set to begin production in April 2020.

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