Square Enix unveiled some official gameplay footage of Marvel’s The Avengers at E3 2019.

Following a less than satisfactory reception at E3, Square Enix was able to provide fans with a more in-depth look at the AAA superhero title. They got several minutes of footage and a look at some new characters.

The preview started with Thor who came smashing on to the scene with Mjolnir. His combat style is more aggressive as he is able to chain together hits and juggle them until they’re up in the air. As expected, Mjolnir does work as a projectile. He can also target multiple foes and use a lightning attack to hit them all at once, which is going to be pretty useful if you’re getting swarmed by enemy AIs.

The footage then pans to Iron Man, who is fighting his way across the Golden Gate Bridge. As he fights his way across the landmark, he has to dodge missiles and maintain contact with his fellow Avengers via a radio in his armor. You can do a lot of strafing from the air this way from what we saw. Of course, Iron Man won’t just be able to attack from the air. He is able to land and fire a few repulsor rays before flying off in a stylish Tony Stark fashion.

Followed by Iron Man, we get a look at The Hulk. After he receives some back-up from Black Widow, he jumps out of the Quinjet and transforms into the jolly green giant as he descends. He’s a real force of nature and is able to toss a henchman around like he’s a ragdoll before launching a shockwave that comes from him stomping into the ground. Players can use him to clear debris via a running attack which we see him use to clear out some cars an rubble. This running attack makes it possible for him to launch into a powerful leap and slam into the ground once more to take down some targets.

Last but not least, we get some focus on Captain America. The camera focuses in on him using his shield to block attacks before he aims at multiple targets. He’s able to guide the shield to hit targets in a successive chain before catching it. The shield provides for some excellent melee attacks that can quite literally knock someone off their feet and flying into the air. After incapacitating a henchmen with his shield, the star-spangled Avenger waves to fellow Marvel hero, Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel.

The gameplay feature then brings in Taskmaster, who launches an attack on the remains of the bridge. The Avengers are trying to keep it from collapsing into the ocean. As this is going on Black Widow attempts to detain Taskmaster with the help of a flying harness. The two lethal assassins exchange blows for a bit before she is able to turn the tide.

Natasha is eventually able to subdue him is for naught. It is revealed soon after that he was able to trigger an explosion in the Helicarrier, which sends it crashing into the ocean. This sets the events of the game in motion, which takes place five years later. The game has been confirmed to include both single player and multiplayer modes that will be based around the main storyline.

Unfortunately, this footage was exclusively for audiences at San Diego Comic Con. However, Square Enix did confirm that the footage will be available to the public in August at Gamescom 2019 in Cologne, Germany on August 20th-24th.

It has been confirmed that a beta for the AAA superhero game will go live at some point before launch.

Marvel’s The Avengers  is scheduled to release on May 15, 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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