Warner Bros. has announced their latest slate of animated DC films.

During a screening for Batman: Hush at San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros. unveiled what they have have planned for their DC animated films in 2020.

2020 will see the release of two animated Superman films, the first being Superman: Red Son. Superman: Red Son is an Elseworlds story written by Mark Millar which saw baby Kal El land in mid-1950s Russia instead of Kansas. Instead of growing up to be a symbol of truth, justice, and the American Way, Kal fights for communism.

Later in the year another standalone film called Superman: Man of Tomorrow will be released. This would make 2020 the first time where the studio has released two animated Superman-centered films in the same year.

According to the press release from DC Entertainment, Superman: Man of Tomorrow will be a fully original story featuring a young Superman early in his career.

In between Red Son and Man of Tomorrow, Warner Bros. Animation will release Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. The film will be a follow-up to 2017’s Justice League Dark. Plot details on that are scarce, but based on the title it is possible that they’re basing it off of Geoff Johns’ Darkseid War.

Earlier this year it was announced that future DC animated films will come with a few animated shorts based on popular DC characters and stories like Sgt. Rock and Batman: Death in The Family.

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