Original voice actress of Disney’s beloved Minnie Mouse passed away last Friday, July 26. Russi Taylor lent her voice for more than 30 years portraying as Minnie Mouse, the iconic partner of Mickey Mouse who both have appeared on numerous animated short movies, television shows, theater films and theme parks.

Taylor and Wayne Allwine, the third voice actor for Mickey Mouse after Walt Disney and Jimmy MacDonald, were married since 1991 until her husband died in 2009. Disney Company CEO Bob Iger stated that Minnie Mouse lost her voice with the passing of its own voice actress.

Taylor and Minnie Mouse worked hand in hand for more than three decades, giving entertainment to millions of people around the world. This partnership paved the way for both of them to be recognized as an iconic character and a Disney legend.

Iger also added that Russi’s enthusiasm and strong spirit towards her work is what made her a real talent. He was honored to have known and worked with such person of great knowledge and inspiration.

From 1986, Taylor became the voice of Minnie Mouse, which appeared in theatrical shorts such as Runaway Brain and Get a Horse!, live action and animated show Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and television shows House of Mouse and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She was also hired to voice the character in the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise in 2013.

Apart from her role as Minnie Mouse, Taylor also worked with other characters such as the voice of Donald Duck’s nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie in the DuckTales animated series. More of her works include The Little Mermaid, TaleSpin, Sofia the FirstThe Lion GuardKim Possible and Tangled. She was also the voice of Martin Prince, the big-brained teacher’s pet in The Simpsons in 1990.

Disney veteran Bill Farmer expresses his condolences and says Taylor was as close as his own family. She was funny, sweet and wonderful just like Minnie Mouse. Rick Dempsey, Disney Character Voices Senior VP, says she embodies Minnie Mouse’s character and that the gift she lent to the world will forever be remembered.