Kim’s Journey

Kim Petitclerc is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met in my entire life. Back in 2012 she was diagnosed with Stage-4 cancer behind her right knee. She was given only 3 days to decide to amputate her leg and start going through chemotherapy. At the age of 21 this decision was both easy and difficult. Easy to decide that she wanted to live but difficult given how active she had been with sports and riding horses. Like other journeys, it was a rocky start, but she held her head high. Only two days out of surgery, the amazing woman she is, was walking up and down the hospital ward on crutches and cracking jokes and laughing at her “stump” as she calls it. Her attitude was unbelievable and gained admiration by all who say her including all the nurses and doctors. The chemotherapy was the most painful part for both her and her loved ones. Her now husband Devin, says that it was heart breaking to see the love of his life weak and in agony. “Watching a loved one go through that; is a pain no one should ever have to experience. But Kim, as I knew she would, persevered, making it through all her treatments with flying colours, eventually ridding herself of any trace of the osteosarcoma.”

 Following the chemotherapy and the healing time, Kim and Devin began to travel and experience life with their family and friends and at a concert, Devin asked Kim to marry him. Nearly two years after her diagnosis, the couple was given a call saying that there was cancer in Kim’s lungs. Although it was not nearly as dangerous as the first diagnosis, it was still threatening. She was given surgery to put a tube from her lung to her chest so that excess fluid could be drained. The tube had to changed and the pain was almost unbearable for Kim as she was unable to be sedated for the removal.

After three times of this excruciating pain, Kim was doing well, even though the doctors described it as an unbeatable disease, the beautiful couple went to Canmore for their wedding. Since the wedding, Kim has been fighting tumours appearing in different areas of her body and has been battling them with tremendous spirit and courage. Every time she has gone for surgery, Kim has had to take off time from work, more so now that she has several tumours and has been on leave for several months.

Devin, the amazing husband and provider as he is, has had to take up 4 different jobs. One of them being running his own comic book shop in Cochrane, AB, with his brother. The shop has been the brothers dream since they were kids, and when the two were financially stable, they took the chance and made their dream into a reality. Offering not only comics, but graphic novels, collectables, retro video games, card and board games, and vinyl records. Soon to come will be a mini-arcade and comic-book drawing classes. Through all the obstacles Kim and Devin Petitclerc have been faced with, they have managed to conquer with amazing devotion and belief that things will work out in the end. They are amazing and all donations would be greatly appreciated, so Devin can provide while also seeing his bride instead of working 4 jobs.

Thank you for taking the time to read the story of Kim and Devin.

Chris Nugent
Chris Nugent is a BBA Graduate of Mount Royal University, an employee for WestJet Airlines, and a writer for Fandomwire. Chris hopes to entertain with his writing ability and host events at expos and cons. Chris has been a major player in the Popular Culture community, extending contacts through multiple different pages and sources. His ability to easily travel across the globe opens the opportunity for Fandomwire's ongoing expansion. Chris currently manages and schedules teams for Ground Handling at WestJet, but one day hopes to own and manage his own business.