A new party game is live on Kickstarter that really caught our attention, not only for being innovative and hilariously fun but for already making big waves in surprising places! The game is called Propose a Roast; which is a card-based party game for tabletop play and PC play, that empowers players to get creative with their insult humor as they roast their friends in a fun pressure-free environment. After being play tested for 100 hours on college campuses, and winning big in a business plan competition, Propose a Roast is looking for Kickstarter backers to bring the Roast to everyone’s tabletops!


To play Propose a Roast, you need three or more players. One player is designated the Roasted player, another becomes the Roast Master (reader). The Roast Master draws a Roast Card and reads it aloud, substituting the blank space on the card with the name of the Roasted Player. Roast Cards have prompts with blank spaces on them such as “why did ___ get thrown out of the zoo?” Players then make their own responses on dry erase cards. Players are encouraged to be creative with their responses, because the one rule is that “your responses can be anything except kind”. The responses are all submitted to the Roast Master who reads them aloud, and the Roasted player picks their favorite response. The author of the winning response reveals themselves to claim the Roast Card as a point.  A new player is Roasted for the next round, or you can Roast the same player for the entire game. First player to win five Roast Cards wins.  

Propose a Roast as a video game plays the same way as the tabletop game but with a huge bonus. Propose a Roast online is designed to be played over Twitch and livestreams, where viewers of a stream can submit Roasts directly to the game via chat! It is currently under development and is planned to start beta testing in September, with access being given to backers on the Kickstarter. 

What are some of the standout gameplay features that separates Propose a Roast from a game like Cards Against Humanity? This is what we saw in Propose a Roast that really made it stand out.

1) No Profanity: Most party games rely on their shock value and explicit content to give players a fun time. But after multiple replays, the cards get old you have less fun. Propose a Roast’s cards have on sexual, profane, or explicit content (aside from the Adult Roasting Expansion Pack).  This also lets players set the tone of their gameplay through the responses they create, whether it be rated PG or rated R. This broadens the range of people that you can play Propose a Roast with, forget about the awkwardness of pulling a gross out card, and just have fun at each other’s expense.  

2) Dry erase materials: Being a response driven game, Propose a Roast comes with a response submission method that is easily reusable and does not generate excess waste. No more having to print out paper or scrounge for stuff to write on when you’re provided with reusable and environmentally friendly materials. 

3) The highest replay value: Propose a Roast has tremendous replay value and gives the most entertainment hours per dollar spent! Each Roast Card merits unique responses for each player, so every player would have to go through all 200 cards for them self before getting repeats! Even if you go through all the Roast Cards, playing with different people who have different senses of humor will yield different unique and hilarious responses. 

               We weren’t the only ones to see these innovations in Propose a Roast, it was also noticed by the judges of a business plan competition. Propose a Roast was made at The College of New Jersey by student Ben Schulman, who entered it into The Mayo Business Plan Competition. The judges called the game “uniquely innovative and fun” and that is why Ben and his team was awarded $20,000! Ben only walked away with $6,600 after splitting the prize with his two other teammates and has invested the funds into continuing to develop Propose a Roast online. 

               Propose a Roast is a provenly fun game that has accomplished a lot so far and has great plans in store for the future. If there’s ever a party game to back on Kickstarter, I would say it’d be this one. I highly recommend checking out their Kickstarter where you can get Propose a Roast, the expansion pack, various other awesome rewards, and exclusive access to the Propose a Roast beta.