Bob Iger

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger mentioned during the company’s quarterly earnings call that DeadpoolX-Men and Fantastic Four are “part of Marvel Studios”. He did not clearly specify how these characters will be introduced in the MCU but they are certainly going to each make an appearance in one of the movies slated for the coming years.

After the highly-anticipated deal between Walt Disney Company and 20th Fox Century, fans are very excited to witness how the latter’s characters will assimilate with the existing ones of Disney, particularly those of Marvel Studios. It is pretty much everyone’s expectation to see them get involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, whether in special cameo appearances or their own franchise.

Although the aforementioned Fox characters will not be part of the scheduled Marvel Phase 4 as revealed at last month’s San Diego Comic-ConMarvel Studios president Kevin Feige hinted they have plans for the mutants and the Fantastic Four franchise was currently under development.


Bob Iger and Kevin Feige are excited to work on all the characters that are coming home to Marvel. In an interview earlier this year, he did refer to all the hundreds of characters, both well-known and not-so-popular, as part of the script and agreements. He also stated that Marvel is very close to having access to all of the characters present in the entire Marvel comics.

To quickly explain last year’s plans, Feige said he has “vague dreams and vague ideas”. This whole Disney-Fox buying deal is something they did not see coming to which he confessed. Although Feige is excited to be having the “first family” of Marvel, Fantastic Four, back to its original home as well as the X-Men mutants.


Avengers: Endgame co-writer Christopher Markus said that it’s fascinating to witness what Kevin Feige is planning to do with these characters that he’s getting from the Fox-Disney mergingdeal. Fox’s portrayal of DeadpoolX-Men and Fantastic Fourcan differ from what Disney may visualize. The fact that the MCU version of these characters can bring out the purest embodiment of their comic book versions to the big screen is what fans are looking forward to.

For many Marvel fans, the addition of the X-Men and Fantastic Four icons is a matter of delivering the characters, suitability with the Marvel Comics canon. Since they are not part of Phase 4, or so we think, we may have to wait for a few years until we hear more about the future fate of these characters.