In the long-standing tradition of hitting the gym for a superhero role, Sebastian Stan has been toning up for the upcoming series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The series will focus on the two titular characters portrayed by Stan and Anthony Mackie and the former is definitely looking the part. Since the beginning of the MCU, we’ve seen the promotional videos of Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Robert Downey Jr. getting cut for their roles and Stan is following suit now that he’s one of the two leads.

Captioned on an Instagram selfie, Stan mentioned his “years of self-judgment and mental wars,” which has inspired fans who would never imagine such a figure dealing with self-esteem challenges. The star thanked his fitness trainer, Don Saladino, who replied with “Love you brother! Here is to the next 7 years,” acknowledging that this fitness regimen has been a seven-year process. In addition to Saladino’s response, other followers expressed their appreciation for Stan’s noting the importance of mental health. From words of encouragement and thanks to those of pure admiration, fans and fellow stars alike have expressed their support.


With the new Disney+ series planned for a Fall 2020 release, it would be great to see where Anthony Mackie is at in his preparation for the role of Sam Wilson/Falcon. If he wants to hang on to the iconic shield, he’ll have to at least stand equal with the Winter Soldier. It would be a fascinating take to see if Bucky ever challenges Wilson to be the new Captain America and Stan is looking up to the task.

Avengers: Endgame may have seemed like a perfect closure, but the MCU shows no sign of ending. With a prequel exploring Black Widow’s past and at least one more entry in the Thor franchise, as well as other confirmed projects, there is plenty left for fans to see. And expanding on the universe through a streaming series like this may be a major selling point, convincing people to spring for Disney+.

Sebastian Stan has proven his dedication to this role and his empathy for those who struggle with their confidence. Fans will certainly appreciate both. He’s looking great and there’s no doubt this hypes us up for the new adventures that await Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson.