Publisher THQ Nordic has confirmed that a new installment in the Saint’s Row franchise is in development.

During their first quarter conference call, THQ Nordic was able to confirm that after a multi-year hiatus, developer Volition Games is deep into development on the latest installment into the open-world action adventure title. They did not disclose when we could expect the game to release.

It has been six years since the studio released the superhero themed Saint’s Row IV. Following Saint’s Row IV‘s launch, Volition has focused mainly on spin-off titles like Saint’s Row: Gat out of Hell and Agents of Mayhem, which was set in the same universe as the other games. As a result, many would argue that Volition has struggled to maintain the IP after Agents of Mayhem failed to garner the critical and commercial success that they were hoping for. Since then the studio mostly fell silent with a few occasional teases over the years that they were deep into development on a new project, which they can now confirm was this.

The open world action-adventure franchise made its debut back in 2005 as a competitor to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto. Over time though the franchise started to develop an identity of its own, where it didn’t take itself too seriously like its competitors and featured over-the-top action as a niche title among more mainstream open world games. Currently, there are four main installments in the series and two spin-offs.

While it has not been disclosed when the new Saint’s Row could release, it isn’t impossible to suggest that we could see it have a presence at the 2020 Electronic Entertainment Expo. It is not guaranteed though since it is hard to say whether E3 will still happen next year after the recent news that the trade show’s hosts compromised the personal data of several journalists and analysts going back to the early 2000s. It is still something to consider. Now one thing that is certain though is that with a new Grand Theft Auto being several years away this should hold people over for now.

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